Bisexual Confessions – Kristen follows Neve

This short video is comprised of many scenes from three very different movies. Two of the three movies are a complete waste of time. The dialogue between Kristen Stewart and Neve Campbell is surely just a fantasy, but it’s a good one. I wish it was real…

The Runaways (2010)

Finally. I believe that with this movie Kristen finally got a chance to show that she can act… in the role of a struggling bisexual, who she actually was at the time…

It’s a coming-of-age biographical movie about Joan Jett directed by Floria Sigismondi and starring Kristen Stewart. Three big names in one place – a movie worth seeing. Especially if you’re a bisexual feminist that loves the 70s’ and 80s’ rock music… or a big fan of Kristen Stewart. Otherwise… you might be disappointed.

Three to Tango (1999)

Stupid comedy I wouldn’t watch again for 10$. Neve Campbell is sexy and her talent as an actress is totally wasted in this. I just had to cut out that seductive bath scene out of the context of this flat and forgettable movie…

When Will I Be Loved (2004)

The lead character Vera (Neve Campbell) is a femme fatale for the 21st century; a beautiful, capricious young woman living in New York whom begins exploring the limits of her sexual and intellectual power. [] I stole one scene from the movie where Vera videotapes her sexual and playful experience with a female lover and used it at the end of my story. The movie is hardly watchable though.

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