Bella and Shane – Let Her Come Out and Let Her Be

– Bella, – her Twilight co-star once told. – It becomes you!

Being gay that is…

As a vampire Bella Swan is great. But what if she came out as a bisexual as well? What an (un)expected turn would that be for the fans of Twilight? A double transformation. It’s a missed opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, the movie is really gay, but not in a sense it could be…

Welcome back to the Alternate Lesbian Universe. I think that Kristen and Kate (would) look unbelievably good together. And when Shane talks (dat voice!) and Bella becomes socially awkward (dose reactions!) anything seems erotic…

From Bella to Kristen

What do you think of this scene? Personally, I’d love to see Shane cutting Bella’s hair short and helping her to gain enough self-confidence to come out. I believe, that when Kristen Stewart took this step and cut her hair short, she showed the world that she was finally ready to be herself and opened up about her sexuality to the public.

Actresses and footage: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan [Twilight] and Katherine Moennig [The L Word] as Shane McCutcheon. + SNL Live hosted by Kristen Stewart


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