Just Like Kristen Stewart – Bella Swan Goes Both Ways

This fanfiction starts just like any typical high school romance drama: there’s a new girl in town and she falls for someone completely unachievable, unsuitable, and secretive. Bella Swan falls for a monster. The most popular, beautiful, and hot person in the entire school. Nothing new, right? Well… The trick is not that her crush is a blood-thirsty vampire… or a woman. She’s also pure evil with no remorse.

Her name is Jennifer. And she eats people without pity to get her weekly blood supply. She has no regrets and isn’t going to stop. Jennifer abuses her powers to lure the victims in and mercilessly slaughters them. Bella doesn’t know this yet, but she will…

Bella starts stalking her crush and finds out about Jennifer’s secret intimate relationship with another girl. The monster likes to eat her as well, just in a different way…

The thing about Jennifer is that she has her own specialty food. That and only that. It’s high school boys. Young, strong, energetic, and always craving for sex. Once she tastes them – the monster becomes just like its prey. Jennifer steals their liveliness and their preferences for sex as well.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan (Twilight Saga)
Megan Fox as Jennifer (Jennifer’s Body)

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