Reign as an Adult Silent Movie of Early XX Century

The royalty is bored and their games are just as unscrupulous and self-indulgent as hard and complicated are their blue-blooded lives and duties. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress, right?

The main characters of Reign are playing their own version of “truth or dare”. One lucky bastard gets to ask either for the truth or dare of the rest of the players. There’s no way back – they must answer or do whatever they’re told. The one to perform the best, meaning, surprising the “inquisition” the most with his or her honesty or commitment to the physical task, gets to be the next to ask “truth or dare”. In essence – it’s a silent erotic comedy where everyone goes a bit too far.

This episode is directed by Narcisse. Not really. It’s just my imagination of what his perverted imagination would be…

Mary, Lola, and Catherine have to do whatever bold and wicked Narcisse dares them to. Let’s see how it goes and who wins.


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