Bella and Shane – A Much Better Love Story Than Twilight

This is the first video of the Bella and Shane femslash series that I’ve made and posted on Youtube. It was the summer of 2013 – way before any of my friends believed me when I told them that Kristen Stewart was gay… so so gay…

In the alternate universe of Summertime Sadness, Bella Swan (the painfully straight character from Twilight) is a lesbian who falls for her hairdresser Shane (the unmistakably gay character from The L Word). Shane (act. Katherine Moennig) brought some laughter and passion into this short story, but Bella (act. Kristen Stewart) nailed it as a traumatized young woman who is about to marry a guy whom she can’t love. Fear, anxiety, disgust and desire, a bit overplayed in Breaking Dawn wedding scene by Kristen Stewart, looks just right in this lesbian drama context. Basically – their love story feels more legit…

Bella Swan – Breaking Down

I remember watching Breaking Dawn (I haven’t read the books, maybe it’s different there…) for the first time and thinking: she REALLY doesn’t want to get married. Or wear those uncomfortable high heels! Change her wardrobe – what? Why can’t you see that! Stop pressuring her, you vamp-shinny asshole! I guess I had to make this video to let these angry feelings out… Sorry if my opinion isn’t the mainstream one about this production, but it’s just the way I see it. It’s not a “girl meets boy” story for me, it’s a “girl knows what she wants” story.

The Twilight Saga isn’t revolving around one special 100-year-old freaky guy… or even two freaks fighting for their dream girl for that matter. It’s about a new lifestyle that Bella wants to be a part of. All movies put together it’s pretty obvious – it’s about belonging to something that feels exceptional and true, making mistakes and difficult life choices to get it. It’s not about the person she’s in love with, it’s about a life Bella feels like she’s supposed to live. Her destiny.

Imagine Bella and Shane

I know I’m not that original – this exact same idea has been already developed into a movie. This video is very similar to “Imagine Me and You” – a typical lesbian coming-out drama where the bride meets the love of her life on her wedding day. And it’s definitely not her husband. Or anyone with a dick anyway…


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