A Game of Reincarnation

IMDb describes American Horror Story as “an anthology series centering on different characters and locations, including a house with a murderous past, an asylum, a witch coven, a freak show, a hotel, a farmhouse in Roanoke, a cult” and now a post-apocalyptic bunker. What it means to say: it’s a new story and new characters every season. If you haven’t seen or hated the last one – forget it already, because the new one is going to be something else entirely.

American Horror Story. Seasons 1-3
American Horror Story. 1-3

I just love this original concept to change everything in the series, but the horror and the actors. And that’s exactly where its strength lies: with the strong actors’ performances, great and distinct cinematographic style and new shocking, classy yet somewhat experimental storylines. When you have just one season every single time, you’re not afraid to play around – kill characters, abuse them, make them good, bad, terrible, deformed. It doesn’t matter – they’re like cats with 9 lives to waste.

American Horror Story. S04
American Horror Story. S04
American Horror Story. Season 5
American Horror Story. S05
American Horror Story. Season 6
American Horror Story. S06







Something else that doesn’t matter as much to AHS – criticism, and fans. They didn’t like how the story ended, what happened to the characters, how everything was set and made? – Well, fuck them – there’s always another season and a promise of something entirely different. The actors and writers aren’t attached to the characters they created and portrayed in the past and this is a dream come true for everyone involved: especially the fans who can feast on watching their beloved characters die and feeling relieved and cathartic as they are “revived” in a new era as a new persona very next season. It’s a win-win. Theoretically. Or at least for Buddhism and reincarnation…

American Horror Story: Cult
American Horror Story. S07
American Horror Story: Apocalypse
American Horror Story. S08

Tate + Violet = Violate

The Murder House – the big hype, the tragic love story, the huge exception. Tate and Violet are the only two star-crossed lovers, completely violating the rules of this TV show. Their characters were too complicated, too well-developed and the story was too enticing for the fans to let go. The fans just couldn’t except that Violate had no proper ending. That’s what I wish to tell you, but I’d be lying.

Evan Peters was simply too good. That’s it. Period.

His character Tate Langdon must be the most successful fictional psycho of all time. Unforgettable, lovable and forgiven. After the fans wouldn’t stop crying about the unfinished love story between the extra charismatic, good-looking, dead teenage rapist and mass-murderer Tate and the depressed suicidal teenager Violet; American Horror Story returned to the Murder House in season 8: Apocalypse and gave the couple the most undeserved happy ending ever.


Evan Peters in AHS
Evan Peters in the AHS season 7: Cult.


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