Let’s talk about sex and death: featuring Evan Peters

I invite you to plunge into an alternate universe of American Horror Story with two of the most prominent Evan Peters charactersTate Langdon and James Patrick March. The story is about two serial killers sharing their gruesome visions and sex addictions with each other in a psychoanalysis session where one of them is a patient and the other – a psychiatrist. Sitting on a comfy couch Tate Langdon tells James Patrick March all about his fantasies.

I see Evan Peters as an actor who could pull off a full-length movie acting in it by himself as the only actor embodying many characters. They’re all a bit psychotic, sick and emotional, but fun and kind of lovable at the same time. Definitely attractive and attracting all the attention. I know it’s been done in AHS: Cult, but I wanted to make a version of my own. I believe, they could’ve done it better…


AHS: Murder House + AHS: Hotel

Tate Langdon (AHS: Murder House) and James Patrick March (AHS: Hotel) Their dialog from the video above:

March: – How was the outside darling? Tell me about one of your recent kills…

Tate: – So, what do shrinks think about when a wildly brilliant patient doesn’t talk upon his dead psychiatrist? I believe they think about sex…
March: – Absent.
Tate: – Bullshit.

Tate: – I don’t accept that.
March: – Why not?
Tate: – Actually yes…

March: – Why should you be ashamed?
Tate: – I want the thoughts to go away.
March: – I feel your constant battle to keep it in check.
Tate: – And you’re not helping me. I jerk off a lot to make the visions go away.
March: – And how does that make you feel?
Tate: – You’re sexual, right?
March: – Yes…
Tate: – Don’t you wanna know what I do to her?
March: – I truly do…
Tate: – She’s a virgin… blood and the carnage.
March: – Ahhh, yes… like the good old days.

Tate: – I think about one girl in particular. I lay her down on a bed and caress her soft skin, make her purr like a little kitten… Your daughter. I jerk off thinking about her. A LOT…

James Patrick March in AHS: Hotel
Tate Langdon in AHS: Murder House

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