Hi, I’m Tate, I’m dead wanna hook up?


Tate Langdon is a cute teenage psycho from American Horror Story played by Evan Peters. Teary loving look in this talented manipulator’s and pathological liar’s eyes mesmerized thousands of young girls all over the world. In the comment section below one of my Youtube fan videos about Tate and his “love” object Violet, I saw this:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I fucked your mother
Before I fucked you.

Well, that’s exactly what happens in the series. And much more. Here are some of the best and most memorable Tate Langdon’s quotes.


Tate and Violet #violate

Tate Langdon: - It's okay. I'm here. gif
Tate Langdon: – It’s okay. I’m here.

Tate to Violet:  – If you’re trying to kill yourself, cut vertically. They can’t stitch that up. And if you’re trying to kill yourself, you might also try locking the door.

Tate to Violet:You want her to leave you alone? Stop making your life a living hell?
Violet: Scare her. Make her afraid of you. It’s the only thing bullies react to.

Tate to Violet: – Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to. You’re smarter than that.

Violet to Tate:Get out, I don’t want to see you again!
Tate: I thought you weren’t afraid of anything!

Tate to Violet: – Something has changed in you. Towards me. You’re distant, cold. I don’t know what I’ve done, but I’ll leave you alone from now on if that’s what you want. Is that what you want? You know why I’d leave you alone? Because I care about your feelings more than mine. I love you. There, I said it, not just on some chalkboard. I would never let anybody or anything hurt you. I’ve never felt that way about anyone.

Tate:  – If you love someone, you should never hurt them.

tate langdon quote gif love

Tate to Violet:I would never let anybody or anything hurt you. I’ve never felt that way about anyone.

Violet loses her virginity to Tate:

Tate: – Did it hurt? The first time usually does.
Violet: – No, it was intense.
Tate: – Yeah. For me too.
Violet: – You really are here, aren’t you?
Tate: – Of course. I’ll always be here if that’s what you want.
Violet: – And they’ll always be here too, won’t they? The… whatever others.
Tate: – They can’t hurt us, Violet. They’re just trying to scare you.
Violet: – I wish I could tell my mom that.
Tate: – You can’t, Violet! if you tell anyone what we know, they’ll say you’re crazy. They’ll lock you up. They’ll try to take you away from here! We’d never see each other again!

gif Tate and Violet: - I love you. Forever.
Tate and Violet: – I love you. Forever.

Violet: – I died when I took all those pills.
Tate: – I tried to save you. I did. I tried to make you throw them up. You threw up some… not enough. You took so many, Violet. You died crying. I held you. You were safe. You died… loved.

Tate to Violet: I care about your feelings more than mine.

Violet about Tate being a ghost of a dead teenager:

Violet: – So why’d you keep it a secret?
Tate: – “Hi, I’m Tate. I’m dead. Wanna hook up?” I don’t think so.

Violet is trying to find out the reasons why Tate did what he did:

Teacher: – If the bullet had been an inch to the right, it would’ve missed my spine and I would have walked out of here. Might have even been able to stop him. An inch higher, it would have killed me. Sometimes shit just happens.
Violet: – Good people don’t just have a bad day and start shooting people.
Teacher: – Maybe he wasn’t a good person.

This must be one of the most emotional scenes not just in the first season, but throughout all of the American Horror Story. In the 11th episode Birth Violet finally confronts Tate about everything he’s been hiding from her.

tate langdon crying gif

Violet: – My mom is dead.
Tate: – I’m so sorry, I know you were close.
Violet: – Yeah. We were. My dad’s there all alone now.
Tate: – That makes me sad. I like your dad, he was nice to me.
Violet: – He’s nice to all his patients. Even the ones who lie to him.
Tate: (confused) – What?
Violet: – Why did you start seeing him in the first place? You knew you were dead.
Tate: – Cops shot me.
Violet: – Why did they shoot you?
Tate: – I don’t know.
Violet: – You murdered people, Tate. Kids, like us. The kids who came to us on Halloween.
Tate: (cries) – Why would I do that? Why would I do that? Why would I do that? WHY would I do that?!
Violet: – I don’t know. Why did you kill the guys who lived here before us? Why did you RAPE my mother?
Tate: – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was different then.
Violet: – I used to think you were like me. You were attracted to the darkness, but Tate, you are the darkness.
Tate: – No. Before you, that’s all there was. You are the only light, I’ve ever known. You’ve changed me, Violet.
Violet: – I believe that. (touches his cheek) I love you, Tate. But… I can’t forgive you. (moves away) You have to pay for what you did! All the pain you’ve caused, all the sorrows? YOU MURDERED MY MOTHER!
Tate: – No!
Violet: – DEAD! That baby… Whatever it was, it killed her. I CAN’T be with you, I WON’T be with you.
Tate: (Moves closer to Violet) – What are you saying?
Violet: – I’m saying; Go away, Tate.
Tate: – What?! NO! Don’t do this, please!
Violet: – Go away, Tate. GO AWAY!

tate langdon gif
Tate: – You’re all I want! You’re all I have!
Violet: – GO AWAY!
Tate: (screams) – No!!
Violet: (closes her eyes and shouts) Go AWAAAAAY! (cries)

Tate and Violet. - Goodbye Tate. gif
Violet: – Goodbye Tate.

He saw the darkness in her beauty,
She saw the beauty in his darkness. [Tumblr]


Tate the Troubled Teen


Old Moira: – You want them to find you?
Tate: – I’m open to suggestions.
Old Moira: – I think you should get over your compulsive need to please the ladies of this house.
Tate: – I think I have mommy issues. You know a good therapist?

Tate Langdon. Pissed or bored?
Tate Langdon. Pissed or bored?

Constance: – Now, who wants to say grace?
Tate: – Oh, Mother, may I?
Larry: – Oh, of course, son. I was hoping you would choose to become a part of this family.
Tate: – Dear God, thank you for the salty pig meat we are about to eat, along with the rest of the indigestible swill. And thank you for our new charade of our family. My father ran away when I was only six. If I’d have known any better, I would have joined him. And, also, because she’s been trying to get back into this house ever since she lost it, Lord, a big thank you for blinding the asshole that’s doing my mother, so that he can’t see what everybody knows. She doesn’t really love him.
Adelaide: – Amen.

Tate to Violet: – I used to come here… when the world closed in and got so small I couldn’t breathe. I’d look out at the ocean, and I’d think… “Yo, douche bag, high school counts for jack shit.” Kurt CobainQuentin TarantinoBrandoDeNiroPacino, all high school dropouts. I… hated high school. So I’d come here and I’d look out at this vast, limitless expanse. Then it’s like, that’s your life, man. You can do anything, could be anything. Screw high school. That’s… it’s just a blip in your timeline. Don’t get stuck there.


Tate the Angel of Death

Tate: – I don’t want to hurt you. Though I do have to kill you.

Tate:One less high school bitch making the lives of the less fortunate more tolerable is, in my opinion, a public service.

Tate to Dr. Harmon: (how he ‘imagines’ a school shooting)- I prepare for the noble war. I’m calm, I know the secret. I know what’s coming and I know no one can stop me, including myself.
Tate:I kill people I like. Some of them beg for their life.
Tate: – I don’t feel sad. I don’t feel anything. It’s a filthy world we live in. It’s a filthy goddamn helpless world, and honestly, I feel like I’m helping them away from the shit and the piss and the vomit that run in the streets. I’m helping to take them somewhere clean and kind. There’s something about all that blood man i drown it. 

Tate Langdon: - Get out of my head!
Tate Langdon: – Get out of my head!

Dr. Ben Harmon and Tate Langdon talking on their first therapy session in the first episode of the season:

Tate:You think that’s me? You think I can’t get better?
Ben: You? You kidding me? You’re hopeless. (laughs) Everybody can get better. Everybody.

Dr. Ben Harmon and Tate talking in the last episode of the season:

Dr. Ben Harmon: – You’re a psychopath, Tate. It’s a mental disorder, and therapy can’t cure it.
Tate: – So that’s your diagnosis? I’m a psychopath?
Dr. Harmon: – Yep, and the worst kind. You’re charismatic and compelling and a pathological liar. But don’t listen to me. I’m a total fraud. And by the way, therapy doesn’t work.

The true meaning of the Devil (aka Tate Langdon) presented by a sassy schoolgirl in this season:

The Devil is real, and he’s not a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful because he’s a fallen angel, and he used to be God’s favorite.


Tate Langdon. The Noble Warrior.
Tate Langdon. The Noble Warrior.


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