Kai Anderson – The Narcissist In Love

– I need your vow, – Kai.

This time my sexual frustration comes with and through Evan Peters as Kai Anderson in American Horror Story: Cult. I’ve strayed far from the original story of the character, so don’t worry – no spoilers here! Your Vow isn’t about Kai – it’s about his victims. I’ve concentrated on his seduction tactics – it’s way more intense but also very similar to Tate Langdon’s from the first season of AHS – a character worth remembering and recreating.

From Frustration Comes Inspiration

Kai Anderson is a complete narcissist in the series. When he loves someone, he loves the image of himself mirroring back at Kai from his lovers’ eyes. That’s why I chose this editing style. Kai is almost always in color and takes the center of attention in the frames, but the person he’s talking to is hidden in the background, made unnoticeable using only black and white.

Kai is incredibly charismatic and passionate, he knows exactly what to say and how to say it when he decides to seduce someone and make them fall in love with him. It’s not because Kai feels any of those emotions he’s expressing, it’s because the narcissist craves them for himself. It’s like Kai’s teaching his chosen partners to tell him things he wants to hear from them. Just like all narcissists, Kai wants to be adored and loved, he wants to be the only important person in his partners’ lives.


I’ve combined the sexiest, sweetest, and most vulnerable scenes with Kai. And there weren’t many of those… It’s just my imagination blooming into a dark romantic/sentimental almost gothic storyline. I’m following seductive manipulations and completely ignoring his actual persona in this AHS season. Just like a teenage girl who is madly in love and misses her idol like crazy, I’ve picked out only those moments that satisfied my illusions. I’ve deified an image of a person who I would dangerously fall for if he showed up in my life… again.

When I miss everything about someone I love – I dream of his voice, eyes, lips and most of all – touch. And after a while, I tend to mold others that come afterward, into the same person I once loved but lost. Or sit down and make a video, so my insanity is diluted and I can get real again…

Here are some snapshots from the video:

AHS: Cult. Evan Peters as Kai Anderson and Billie Lourd as Winter Anderson.
AHS: Cult. Evan Peters as Kai Anderson.
AHS: Cult. Evan Peters as Kai Anderson and Billie Lourd as Winter Anderson. Pinky Swear.
AHS: Cult. Evan Peters as Kai Anderson.

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