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Books are still the main doors to anything and everything. They give wings to the imagination and enrich our daily lives. Books are an inspiration for movies, TV shows, fan fiction and art. From horror to comedy, from diaries to science fiction and fantasy they give us new experiences and takes us on unforeseen adventures.

Book Adaptations

Many movies and TV series are based on books. Although visualizing a well-known and loved story helps boosting adaptations popularity and ratings it’s also hard to live up to readers and fans expectations. To recreate the world described in books is not an easy task. Even harder is to choose the right actors or voices for animation films. Not every movie or a TV show is such a success as Game of Thrones or The Hunger Games. There’s a real struggle trying to extract the essence, to recreate the feel of the book. Scenery, settings, characters, events, emotions – it’s all already described in the book. Very often on-screen adaptations take a completely different turn and are criticized and hated or promoted and loved for it. There are no easy and obvious choices, there’s no one right way to adapt a book.

Book Covers

It’s an underrated, but very important feature of every book. Making a successful cover means drawing attention. Usually positive attention, but sometimes the author wants to make it look controversial, ridiculous or absurd. Seems risky, but whatever works – works. There is no code, little boundaries, a lot of confusion and different pieces of advice when making a cover. It’s hard to say, how many great books have perished among loads of options on Amazon and other sites, just because their covers didn’t fit the genre or were simply bad. The cover is a book’s face and its representation and although saying “don’t judge the book by its cover” is true, it doesn’t mean people won’t do it. I know I do.

A Road Away by Val Muren. Cover: Juliana Karlo
A Road Away by Val Muren. Cover: Juliana Karlo

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