The Devil’s Hand | Amish Girls – The Ending [4/4]

You know why, Mary?… When such a question comes from a delusional psycho, you can expect anything but sane reasoning. Strapped to a bed and trapped in her illness Mary struggles to survive this “religious” abuse. This is the final video of a full movie remake. Once they wake up, girls hear the sheriff asking questions […]

The Devil’s Hand | Amish Girls Shunned [3/4]

Hide and Seek This is the third part of a full movie remake. Ruth (act. Adelaine Kane) is being shunned and there’s nothing Mary (act. Alycia Debnam-Carey) can do. Amish shunning is a social exclusion used to enforce their church rules. It’s the ultimate punishment that breaks both girls’ hearts… Once Ruth is shunned, Mary decides […]

The Devil’s Hand | Amish Girls under Examination [2/4]

It’s Time for your Examination This is the second part of a full movie remake. Strict rules and blind prejudice of the Amish community is taking its toll on a few innocent girls. The leader of the Church and the man in power tend to profit from it in many different ways. Prepare yourself to […]

The Devil’s Hand | Mary and Ruth [1/4]

Amish Girls in Love   – Forgive me father for I am SIN.   It’s the first part of a full movie remake (4 parts in total). No demonic horror and irrationality in this one. Just a tragic love story in a closed Amish community led by a manipulative priest with dark secrets… Alternate Universe: […]

AHS: Cult + Scream Queens | The Humiliated Man

Even Peters – The Hot Psycho When it comes to American Horror Story it is obvious who plays the psycho. Evan Peters is the best actor for this part. Cruel yet convincing, manipulative but sweet. It’s never easy to hate his characters – Evan makes them seem so human and charming that I end up […]

Eleven + Ellen | My Pregnant Girlfriend

Eleven and Ellen – The World and The Characters of The Fan-Fic This is a new and magical world that Eleven is thrown into. She’s a new girl at an ordinary school, trying to keep her powers a secret. (*in this story the middle school and high school aren’t separated – it’s all in the […]

Bella Swan Meets Jennifer | Naked Bodies in the Twilight

Just Like Kristen Stewart – Bella Swan Goes Both Ways This fanfiction starts just like any typical high school romance drama: there’s a new girl in town and she falls for someone completely unachievable, unsuitable, and secretive. Bella Swan falls for a monster. The most popular, beautiful, and hot person in the entire school. Nothing […]

Merlin CRACK: Ambiguously Gay Duo

A Different Merlin Crack – Bits and Pieces From All Over Ok, let’s slice up the video and explain a few things: Originally, the Ambiguously Gay Duo song was written about Batman and Robin for a short animated SNL series. But once I heard it, I’ve realized how perfectly it describes the bond between Merlin […]

GAY MERLIN | Come Lancelot

A love triangle or a threesome? Here comes Lancelot… Well… Once Lancelot shows up in Camelot, the gay subtext gets even more obvious on Merlin. I had to play a bit with the characters. I just couldn’t help it. It was way too fun and easy. Maybe it’s an adult TV show after all? I’m […]

Colin Morgan and Bradley James | Sorry Who

Colin and Bradley – Young but Already Predestined   In this short fan-fic Ben (Bradley James aka Prince Arthur) is an arrogant empty-headed brat causing turmoil inside of the plane. Jethro (Colin Morgan aka Merlin) is a misunderstood unsatisfied teenager forced to travel with his parents. Ben is missing some deeper meaning in his life […]