Merlin CRACK: Ambiguously Gay Duo

A Different Merlin Crack – Bits and Pieces From All Over Ok, let’s slice up the video and explain a few things: Originally, the Ambiguously Gay Duo song was written about Batman and Robin for a short animated SNL series. But once I heard it, I’ve realized how perfectly it describes the bond between Merlin […]

GAY MERLIN | Come Lancelot

A love triangle or a threesome? Here comes Lancelot… Well… Once Lancelot shows up in Camelot, the gay subtext gets even more obvious on Merlin. I had to play a bit with the characters. I just couldn’t help it. It was way too fun and easy. Maybe it’s an adult TV show after all? I’m […]

Katie McGrath and Gemma Chan | On a Lesbian First Date

Unrequited Love and Katie McGrath It’s nothing new that this fair-skinned black-haired Irish beauty makes women go crazy. It started with Merlin and her role as Morgana. Morgana’s close connection with Gwen was cut short and turned upside down in a matter of moments by ignorant producers in the later seasons. Fans are still angry […]

Colin Morgan and Bradley James | Sorry Who

Colin and Bradley – Young but Already Predestined   In this short fan-fic Ben (Bradley James aka Prince Arthur) is an arrogant empty-headed brat causing turmoil inside of the plane. Jethro (Colin Morgan aka Merlin) is a misunderstood unsatisfied teenager forced to travel with his parents. Ben is missing some deeper meaning in his life […]

Merlin CRACK: Shortcuts to Merthur

Why is Arthur constantly hitting Merlin? Well… That’s how the Prince is hitting ON his servant. Did anyone notice HOW Arthur teased Merlin? Or HOW Merlin would prolong the tease? Basically, they were toying around until Arthur had to touch Merlin (even if it’s a stick or a flying object that he threw at his […]

Merlin | Making Love in a Forest

Episode 01 Gay Merlin Fan-Fiction Series: Making Love in a Forest Scene 01 [Early morning, Arthur’s chamber] – Merlin! – Arthur’s voice echoed from his chamber just as Merlin was walking down the corridor carrying Prince’s breakfast. The boy paused by the door and smirked. – Merlin! – Good morning, sire! – He bounced in. […]



A mix of Xena vibes, good old-fashioned fantasy and a lot of young talented actors with incredible chemistry – Merlin is a golden material for someone like me. I just can’t believe that I’ve discovered it this late! Merlin – why does it work? First of all – the script. Fantasy, drama, comedy – it’s […]