The Devil’s Hand | Amish Girls – The Ending [4/4]

You know why, Mary?… When such a question comes from a delusional psycho, you can expect anything but sane reasoning. Strapped to a bed and trapped in her illness Mary struggles to survive this “religious” abuse. This is the final video of a full movie remake. Once they wake up, girls hear the sheriff asking questions […]

The Devil’s Hand | Amish Girls Shunned [3/4]

Hide and Seek This is the third part of a full movie remake. Ruth (act. Adelaine Kane) is being shunned and there’s nothing Mary (act. Alycia Debnam-Carey) can do. Amish shunning is a social exclusion used to enforce their church rules. It’s the ultimate punishment that breaks both girls’ hearts… Once Ruth is shunned, Mary decides […]

The Devil’s Hand | Amish Girls under Examination [2/4]

It’s Time for your Examination This is the second part of a full movie remake. Strict rules and blind prejudice of the Amish community is taking its toll on a few innocent girls. The leader of the Church and the man in power tend to profit from it in many different ways. Prepare yourself to […]

The Devil’s Hand | Mary and Ruth [1/4]

Amish Girls in Love   – Forgive me father for I am SIN.   It’s the first part of a full movie remake (4 parts in total). No demonic horror and irrationality in this one. Just a tragic love story in a closed Amish community led by a manipulative priest with dark secrets… Alternate Universe: […]

Reign | Silent Movie – Truth or Dare

Reign as an Adult Silent Movie of Early XX Century The royalty is bored and their games are just as unscrupulous and self-indulgent as hard and complicated are their blue-blooded lives and duties. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress, right? The main characters of Reign are playing their own version of “truth […]

Reign | Theme Song – Mary and Francis

Mary and Francis: The Queen and her King Mary and Francis in Reign. Since the beginning till the end. Their full story from all 3 seasons. Love, hate, passion, suspicion, and death. Fictional or not, this love story was definitely worth my time. The main character Mary grew immensely throughout the seasons. She transformed from […]


Alternate Universe

Alternate Stories from Parallel Universes A parallel universe is a hypothetical self-contained reality coexisting with one’s own. Fantasy has long borrowed an idea of “another world” from myth, legend, and religion. Heaven, Hell, Olympus and Valhalla are all “alternative universes” different from the familiar material realm. Any book, movie or a TV show that deals with history, real-life events or is based on something created before is […]

Reign: Adelaide Kane as Mary Stuart

Reign: Adelaide Kane as Mary Stuart

– Carry a dagger at all time. Have that shit strapped to your thigh! – Adelaide Kane’s advice to Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.   Mini bio Adelaide Kane (born 9 August 1990) is an Australian actress. Her father is Scottish (from Glasgow) and her mother has Scottish, Irish, and French ancestry. Kane started performing at the age of 3, starting with dance […]

Reign Adelaide Kane Mary Queen of Scots

Reign: DVDs

Reign summary Season 1. Love is the most dangerous subject. After spending a childhood safely hidden away in a monastery, a teenage Mary Stuart arrives in France where she has been sent to secure Scotland’s strategic alliance by formalizing her arranged engagement to the French King’s dashing son, Prince Francis. Mary and Francis are forced to […]