The 100 – Season 3 Finale a.k.a. Clexa Finale

Clarke: – I love you.
Lexa: – I will always be with you…

Clarke and Lexa’s story is something I haven’t seen on TV screens since Xena. The powerful and openly (!!!) gay couple driving forwards and transforming the whole story of the series (The 100). Sure, it wasn’t the producers’ idea to put them together as a couple, it was actually Thomas McDonell (aka Fin) who was leaving the show and noticed the chemistry between Clarke and Lexa’s characters. So, the creators just went for it without even realizing what they’ve done…

SPOILERS! Clexa (Clarke + Lexa) became iconic almost overnight. That’s why there was such an uproar when Lexa was killed off at the beginning of season 3. She made one of the most iconic come-backs in the history of television by the end of the season, but creators of The 100 decided to kill her off again.

Just like most of the fans, I was shocked by Lexa’s death – she was an incredibly strong female character and their on-screen chemistry with Clarke was priceless. When I was watching the series I didn’t know that Lexa was coming back for the final episode of season 3. It was the best and the most heartfelt come back I’ve ever seen. I felt like recapturing their story and amplifying the connection between Clarke and Lexa. That’s my way of dealing with mental breakdowns after watching The 100…

In a City of Light with Lexa

MAJOR SPOILERS! In Perverse Instantiation—Part Two, Clarke is on a mission to stop a holographic AI named ALIE from world domination. She is implanted with the flame with the help of a blood transfusion. Clarke takes one of ALIE’s chips and enters the City of Light. She is protected by Lexa’s spirit…  [Wikipedia]

Music: Meg Myers – Sorry


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