Eleven and Ellen – The World and The Characters of The Fan-Fic

This is a new and magical world that Eleven is thrown into. She’s a new girl at an ordinary school, trying to keep her powers a secret. (*in this story the middle school and high school aren’t separated – it’s all in the same building*)

Eleven notices a girl that is being bullied by some guys and gets really protective. Her heart starts beating faster and she gets really angry, but it’s not like she can use her powers so openly in school to teach them a lesson.

That girl, Ellen, is a few years older than Eleven and a teenager already, but it’s Eleven who wants to defend her. She’s stricken by more than just friendly feelings towards the teenager but doesn’t realize it yet.

Ellen is 16 in the story and Eleven only 12-13. The following content might be inappropriate for some readers.

Eleven and Ellen – When Happiness Comes with Shame

Eleven doesn’t understand what’s going on with her mind and body, because it’s her first crush. Her sexual awakening. Eleven wants to talk to Ellen, but she also wants to touch her. The girl looks so perfect. Eleven doesn’t want to be like her, she wants to be WITH her…

Over the next couple of months, Eleven gets closer to Ellen. By trying to get involved in everything Ellen does and stalking her on social media she got to the point where Ellen recognizes her and says hello with the cutest smile Eleven has ever seen.

One Saturday morning, Eleven decides to lurk around Ellen’s house until she comes out. She’s conflicted and scared – it’s way over the top, isn’t it? But there’s nothing Eleven can do about it – she needs to know. Know more about Ellen and if there’s a chance they might become best friends someday. At that point, Eleven still doesn’t accept the fact that fantasizing about kissing her best-friend-to-be isn’t exactly a straight thing to do…

And so they meet. Eleven pretends that she’s lost and Ellen takes her to the store Eleven was supposedly looking for. They start talking. Then joking and laughing. Shopping together. Eating ice-cream in the park and feeding wild geese by the lake. They say good-bye on the same road they’ve met.

The sun is setting and their faces, just like all around them, sparkle with warm bright colors. “So beautiful” – Eleven can’t stop thinking while looking at Ellen. “Yeah, the sunset is really beautiful today” – Ellen answers making Eleven’s heart burst inside once she realizes that she just said ‘beautiful’ to Ellen out loud. Her face turns redder than the sun and Eleven hugs Ellen, so she wouldn’t see her right now.

She could’ve turned away and run off, say something stupid or make a joke, but she chose to follow her instincts. Eleven didn’t want to let go, she was so happy and nervous at the same time. She had no idea if this will ever happen again.

One thing she didn’t account for, was her heart jumping almost right out of her chest and echoing throughout Ellen’s breasts. What was a cute and unexpected moment for Ellen, soon became an awkward and confusing experience. Why was this girl clinging to her so tight? What was the matter? Is she afraid of something? Did she run away from home?

This time it was Ellen who felt protective and curious about Eleven. While still embracing the girl, Elen asked her if she wanted to meet her tomorrow as well. Eleven lift her head up and nodded. Her eyes were teary, but her smile was so bright it made her face shine. “So cute” – Ellen thought to herself.

And so they met the next day. And then the next. And the next. After a couple of months, they became inseparable. They truly were the best friends, despite the age difference. No secrets between them, except the two that Eleven couldn’t tell…

Eleven was always holding Ellen’s hand, fixing her hair and clothes, bringing her snacks and messaging before going to bed. She would kiss Ellen on the cheek when saying goodbye and hug her first thing the next day. They’d study together and go to school together as well. They could talk for hours about everything and nothing.

Ellen was the first person to call and say ‘happy birthday’ to Eleven when she turned 13. And yet, despite the fact that Eleven was growing up fast and they were basically the same height, it wasn’t usual for a high school girl to hang out with someone much younger than her.

Very soon, the rumors and jokes about the girls’ relationship started spreading. Guys were teasing and making fun of Ellen even more than before. There was nothing Eleven could do about it but make her affections less obvious. At least while they’ were in public.


Eleven and Ellen – Teenagers Experimenting

As time went by, one of the nicer teenage guys started showing interest in Ellen and after a few meetings, they decided to have sex. It was the first time for both of them and it was Ellen who suggested it. She wanted to stop the rumors and to break the connection with Eleven. It scared her.

Whatever the people were talking couldn’t compare to what she was starting to feel. And with that came guilt and disgust. How can she think of such nasty things about her friend who is much younger and a girl? She’s touchy-feely just because all kids are. It’s more than sinful to think of Eleven in any sexual manner.

And so, Ellen is having sex with that guy. All she’s thinking about is how to get through with it and how to make herself not think of Eleven while doing it. Yet, she fails. From the moment her eyes closed for the kiss, till the end of it – all she could feel was Eleven breathing beside Ellen’s ear and touching her all over. Ellen doesn’t know yet, that she felt that way partially because Eleven was actually sitting in a room right behind her all this time. Screaming on the inside while they were doing it…

Eleven has been stalking Ellen for months in ways no other person would ever be able to – she used her powers to move across space inside her mind in order to spy on Ellen. No matter where or who with she was at the time. Eleven used to go to sleep beside Ellen, watch her study or listen to the music, she’s even followed Ellen into the shower once. Although it was unforgettable, Eleven swore to herself not to do that again. Ever.

That was until tonight. She knew it was wrong, what Eleven saw cut her heart in half, but she didn’t look away. She just couldn’t. Eleven wanted to feel what Ellen felt, even if it was happening with someone else. Once it ended, Eleven was crying for hours until she finally fell asleep.

Ellen didn’t start dating the guy, although he’d chase her around for a while. She was hoping that her classmates in school will hear about this and stop spreading painful rumors. Ellen wanted to go back to spending as much time with Eleven as she could, but it became more and more difficult to get a hold of her.

This time, it was Ellen who’d bring snacks to Eleven’s doorstep and call her just to say good-night. She didn’t know what Eleven saw and couldn’t understand her sudden coldness towards Ellen.

As angry as Eleven was, she knew she had no right to be. The efforts that Ellen put into getting her back made a huge difference and in a couple of weeks, her heart was stitched back-up and working as it did before. Beating loudly to the sound of Ellen’s voice.

But this time it was different. Even though she felt horrible about it, Ellen couldn’t stop herself from thinking about Eleven as a girlfriend. Eleven was growing up, but her touchy-feely attitude towards Ellen got only “worse”. Her hugs became longer and she’d always rub Ellen’s back and arms, her hand-holding techniques were so soft and gentle, they could play with their fingers for hours without uttering a word. Sometimes she’d just sit on Ellen’s lap and hug her while kissing her on the cheek and neck like it was nothing special.

On one of these days, Eleven went a bit too far…


Eleven and Ellen – Games We Play in Secret

They are running around in Ellen’s room, fighting over her diary, that Eleven just found. Finally, Ellen catches the little devil and pins get to the floor. “Just let go of it and nothing will happen to you” – the teenager threatens her best friend, still holding the diary in her hand. “You’ll have to give me something if you want it back – we said no secrets, remember?” – Eleven responds while blushing like a tomato, feeling Ellen’s body pressing onto hers.

“Fine, what do you want?” – Ellen asks still trying to catch her breath while staring at Eleven’s lips. “Kiss me” – Eleven blurts out. Not a second passes and Ellen’s lips are touching hers. Waves of excitement go through Eleven’s body and she can’t stop thinking – is this even real?

A moment later Ellen’s tongue slips inside Eleven’s mouth. Her whole body shivers and eyes open so wide that Eleven starts feeling dizzy although she’s lying on a floor. She definitely didn’t expect THAT kind of kiss from Ellen. It feels so weird although not unpleasant.

Suddenly Ellen stops and jumps straight up. She turns away and while holding her forehead with one hand and squeezing the other into a fist, tries to explain herself in the only way she can think of at the moment: “I was just joking around, sorry, it’s stupid, I won’t do that again”.

Before Eleven could answer she adds: “You should go”. Ellen isn’t looking at her, she’s not even moving. Just standing there and waiting for Eleven to leave. So that’s what she does.

Eleven runs to the park nearby as fast as she can, sits down by the lake where it’s quiet, binds her eyes with a scarf, puts earphones in, and starts listening to the white noises on YouTube. She’s back inside Ellen’s room.

Ellen is lying on a bed and crying. Her face hidden inside a pillow. Eleven comes closer and sits beside her, gently touching her back and saying “it’s okay”.

Soon the crying stops, but Ellen’s heart rate is still elevated – her shoulders go up and down so violently that it worries Eleven. Ellen’s face, now turned to the side where Eleven is sitting, is flushed and sweaty, it seems like she has a fever. Ellen’s breathing isn’t stable – the air comes out through her mouth and she keeps biting her lip. “Is she alright?” Eleven worries.

“Eleven…” – Ellen whispers and moans right after. The stalker freezes in realization of what’s going on. Ellen’s shoulders are moving this way not because of her heart or breathing, or any illness. She’s masturbating, imagining Eleven lying right under her. Pleasing herself in secret while thinking about Eleven.

Eleven stops the audio and takes off the scarf from her eyes. She knows that whatever she just saw – she shouldn’t have seen. But at the same time, she can’t stop smiling and thinking, that now – there’s only one way for them to move forwards.

Eleven goes back home, lies down on her bed, and tries to do the same thing she just saw Ellen doing. It’s been a wonderful day so far – her first kiss and her first time masturbating. But the best thing of all that had happened today – was hearing the girl she loves saying Eleven’s name while drowning in arousal Eleven had caused her.

And so it began. The step-by-step transformation of their relationship. Ellen tried to set certain boundaries and avoid physical contact, but it became harder with time. It was easier and easier for Eleven to catch her love off-guard. She also didn’t stop spying on Ellen and learned what she likes and how she does things that she does to herself.

The sexual tension grew as did their connection and love. Ellen was too worried about what was happening between her and Eleven that she forgot about anything else in the world. Including her period…

Once Ellen gets a grip of dim reality and what is happening with her body – she’s too far along and there’s nothing any of the girls can do to change that. Their insignificant lesbian adventure takes a wild turn and converts into a shameful teen drama that can’t be hidden away that easily. Here’s what comes next:

Ellen Page from movie Juno
Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven from Stranger Things

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