As Arthur and Merlin’s friendship and respect grew for each other, so their feelings for each other intensified. Merlin was so in love with Arthur but Arthur, being Arthur, was oblivious to this, or was he? Arthur mercilessly teased and admonished Merlin about his duties, that Merlin was a useless servant, that he could not do anything right. Was this the normal behaviour that royalty bestowed upon their servants or was this foreplay?

Arthur could have easily dressed himself but he found pleasure, sometimes guilty pleasure, in parading naked in front of Merlin. He wanted Merlin to see that he was a man, a real man, virile, dependable. Arthur could not find a reason why he did this but the compulsion to do so was strong. He liked it when Merlin watched him, touched him whilst dressing him. Merlin had soft gentle hands. Arthur’s mind would wander endlessly. How would Merlin’s hands feel if they caressed his skin? After such thoughts, Arthur would be angry with himself and intentionally lash out at Merlin, but he never meant any of the mean things he would say. Arthur even told Merlin that the cloak he lent him smelled but in truth, Arthur could not get Merlin’s scent out of his nostrils. He instinctively knew when Merlin was near because he could smell his alluring, sweet, seductive scent.

They would often look into each other’s eyes, holding their glances for long periods of time. Arthur would look at Merlin often when he thought Merlin wouldn’t notice. Merlin would do the same. Sometimes they caught each other out. Merlin would turn away with a slight smile on his lips. Arthur was often perplexed at the way he felt when looking into Merlin’s eyes. Merlin’s eyes were magnetic, they drew him in and held him.

Whenever Merlin’s eyes met Arthur’s, his feelings for him were so overwhelming that often Merlin’s eyes would fill with tears. His depth of love for Arthur was so strong, so deep that he felt his heart would shatter into a million pieces. If Arthur would have been more observant, he would have seen the pulse at the base of Merlin’s throat beat in time to his erratically beating heart.

Arthur could not let Merlin out of his sight. He always took Merlin with him, whenever he went on quests or missions with his knights or alone. He couldn’t bear being away from him for one minute. He teased him, his knights teased him. He bantered with him but he respected him. There were times when Merlin’s bravery surprised him.

One particular night Merlin and Arthur were lying back to back. They had gone out alone together and were camping for the evening before returning to Camelot in the morning. Merlin was curled up on his side but he was not asleep. Arthur was not asleep either. Merlin kept fidgeting, trying to get comfortable but the ache of wanting Arthur gnawed at his stomach, at his heart. Arthur turned round to face Merlin and asked him what was keeping him awake.

Merlin turned to face Arthur and their eyes met and held. The seconds ticked by slowly. The world faded and stopped. All that existed was Arthur and Merlin. Merlin forgot to breathe. His heart was beating so wildly, he thought he was going to die. Arthur saw the pulse flutter at the base of Merlin’s throat. Arthur’s breath came out in short, sharp gasps. Arthur could feel Merlin’s body heat, his heady scent filled his nostrils. Arthur’s head was spinning, his world was crashing down all around him. Merlin saw Arthur’s pupils dilate, his beautiful blue eyes darkening. Arthur and Merlin were inches apart. Merlin saw Arthur’s gaze drop to his mouth. As Arthur looked back up into Merlin’s face, Merlin unconsciously licked his lips, his mouth was so dry. This little movement caused Arthur to close his eyes, he drew in an aching breath. As Arthur opened his eyes, he had lost his internal battle. With aching slowness, Arthur reached out and caressed Merlin’s cheek.

Within seconds, they were in each other’s arms, their lips feverishly locked together, tongues discovering each other’s mouths, their hands caressing, touching, stopping and caressing again. Arthur crushed Merlin to him, he couldn’t get close enough. Merlin was moaning, Arthur was groaning into Merlin’s mouth.

They kissed for what seemed hours. Arthur could not get enough of Merlin’s sweet, sweet lips, the taste of him was sweeter than godly nectar. Merlin was like a drowning man, he needed Arthur’s mouth, his breath, his kisses, to exist, to live.

Merlin and Arthur stood naked in front of each other. Merlin had seen Arthur naked all the time but tonight, this magnificent man stood before him in all his manly glory, bathed in the moonlight. He looked like a god. This beautiful man, who reached out his trembling fingers and gently caressed Merlin’s face, cupping it between his hands and silently asking him the question … would Merlin be his. Merlin reached up to Arthur, winding his arms around his neck and whispered the words that Arthur was longing to hear …. “Yes”.

Their lovemaking was gentle and tender. Arthur was a very skilled lover, he took Merlin to heights that Merlin, who possessed magic and could do all things, never knew existed.
It was during one of the moments when Merlin and Arthur both climaxed together that Merlin shouted out that he loved Arthur. And Arthur said the words that Merlin had wanted to hear since the first time they had met and he had looked into Arthur’s eyes …. “Merlin … Merlin … I love you”.

Arthur and Merlin made love throughout the night. At times, their lovemaking was wild, passionate, almost desperate. At other times, it was tender and loving. Arthur cradled Merlin to him. How he loved this man.

Merlin looked up into Arthur’s eyes. He smiled, Arthur smiled. Then Merlin asked Arthur if he had ever been with another man. Arthur shook his head. He told him that Merlin was his first. Merlin said that Arthur was his first everything, that he had never been with anyone. Arthur held Merlin to him, telling him that he would always be his first and his last. Merlin told Arthur that it was his destiny to love Arthur, to be at his side, that he would love him to eternity and beyond. That he loved Arthur for who he is, that it did not matter if Arthur was male or female, he just loved Arthur for Arthur. Their kisses became feverish, passionate, their lovemaking desperate, their need for each other mirrored in the movement of their bodies. As Arthur cradled Merlin against him in the aftermath of their lovemaking, he looked down at this beautiful man, sleeping peacefully in his arms.

Merlin looked so innocent, so sweet, so young. Merlin, beautiful Merlin. He had given himself to Arthur so completely. Arthur smiled to himself before he fell asleep. He was Merlin’s first everything. Merlin was pure, untainted, he had never made love with anyone else, man or woman. Merlin had briefly told Arthur about Freya, how he had kissed her. But it had just stopped at kisses. Arthur’s lovemaking was Merlin’s first. Merlin was his, only his, only he could touch and love him. He was Arthur’s love, the man he would love always.

They slowly rode back to Camelot that morning. Things had changed for Arthur and Merlin, things would never be the same again. What they had both desired had come to pass.

Arthur sat at dinner with his knights. They were laughing and jesting with each other. Arthur went through the motions of laughing with them but all he had eyes for was Merlin, who was serving dinner to them. Merlin had never looked more desirable, so inviting, all Arthur wanted to do was reach out and touch him, caress him, kiss him until he was breathless. Merlin’s soft skin looked translucent in the candlelight, his eyes were like blue pools of sapphire, his pouting lips were begging to be kissed. He had to ball his hands into fists to stop himself. They stole furtive glances at each other, shared little secret smiles. Merlin came round to the side of the table where Arthur was sitting. Merlin leaned over and his arm brushed against Arthur’s shoulder. This movement went straight to Arthur’s groin. Merlin’s sweet seductive scent enveloped Arthur. Arthur stood up, making a strange groaning noise. Arthur strode in the direction of his bedroom, shouting out for Merlin to follow him. The knights looked at each other and shook their heads. Merlin was in trouble … again.

Arthur flung his bedroom door open. As soon as Merlin followed him into the room, Arthur had Merlin up against his bedroom door, ravaging his mouth, touching him, holding Merlin to him, cradling him against his erection. Arthur was like a man possessed, he took Merlin hard and fast, plunging deep, his lovemaking reaching fever pitch. Merlin matched Arthur’s passion, counter thrusting Arthur’s movements. Merlin climaxed, crying out Arthur’s name into Arthur’s open searching mouth. Seconds later, Arthur did the same. They held onto one another, each one trying to bring their breathing under control.

Merlin helped Arthur rearrange his clothing with shaking hands. Arthur gave Merlin a lingering kiss and as he walked out of his room, he shouted out “And make sure that it’s all clean and … shiny”. Merlin smiled. Arthur was kindly giving him time to bring his wildly beating heart under control, to tidy himself up. Merlin was quite relieved not to be going back to serve dinner that evening. He touched his lips. They felt swollen. Arthur’s kisses had not been gentle.

A while later, Arthur entered his bedroom. Merlin was sitting on his bed, waiting for him. Arthur sat down beside Merlin and asked him if he was okay. Arthur looked at Merlin’s red swollen lips and said he was sorry for being rough with him. Merlin put his head on Arthur’s shoulder, telling him that it was okay, that he understood and mirrored the desire that they had felt for each other earlier. Arthur put his finger under Merlin’s jaw and gently lifted up his face to gaze into his eyes. Arthur’s face was so full of love that Merlin’s eyes filled with tears. Arthur gently kissed Merlin’s swollen lips, his eyes, holding him close, telling him he loved him.

As their kisses grew more urgent, their bodies straining against each other, their hands feverishly caressing and fondling, tears of pure joy and love trickled down Merlin’s cheeks. Arthur gently lay Merlin down on his bed, slowly undressing him, kissing every inch of exposed skin.

Arthur looked down at Merlin’s exposed manhood, hard, erect, proud. Arthur bent his head and took Merlin into his mouth. Time stood still for Merlin. All that existed was pure, raw pleasure. Arthur’s mouth was like touching Heaven itself. How could a mouth invoke such pure pleasure? Merlin was making soft mewling sounds, his head thrashing from side to side, his hips thrusting upwards. Merlin climaxed into Arthur’s mouth. Arthur sat up, a smile on his face, his hand reaching out to caress Merlin’s face.

Merlin saw the pure need in Arthur’s eyes. With deliberate slowness, Merlin undressed Arthur, straddled him and slowly sank down on top of Arthur’s hardness. Arthur’s beautiful mouth opened in silent supplication. Merlin bent down and kissed Arthur passionately. He could taste himself in Arthur’s mouth.

Merlin moved slowly at first. The pleasure began to build up in Merlin and he moved quicker, his hips setting up a rhythm. Arthur had not looked away once since Merlin had straddled him. His dark blue gaze was fixed on Merlin, his hands on Merlin’s hips, holding him down on him. Arthur loved watching Merlin as they made love. A rosy glow dusted his beautiful cheekbones. Merlin bit his bottom lip in ecstasy. Merlin opened his eyes for a moment. Merlin’s eyes had changed to an intense blue. His gaze met Arthur’s before Merlin’s eyelids fluttered closed. Arthur’s breath came out in quick gasps, he groaned. Merlin moved faster, harder. Arthur began to counter-thrust. Raw passion exploded, their bodies locked together in the age-old dance of love. Merlin felt Arthur stiffen, letting out a long groan of pleasure. Seconds later, Merlin climaxed, shouting out Arthur’s name into Arthur’s open mouth. As Arthur held Merlin in his arms, Merlin was still trembling from the aftermath of Arthur’s lovemaking.

Days and nights of lovemaking melted into each other. Merlin and Arthur stole many secret moments together, sometimes making love in Arthur’s bed, sometimes sneaking away into the woods, sometimes finding a cave to share their love. Tonight, they had found an unused tower in the castle. It was dusty and smelled musty but to Merlin, it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen. As he gazed upon a naked Arthur, standing in the moonlight streaming in from a window, his skin bathed in silver, Merlin thought his heart would break from the love he felt for this man. Arthur’s kisses tonight were passionate, ardent, his mouth and tongue vanquishing Merlin’s mouth like an invading army.

Arthur looked at Merlin with a strange expression on his face. He looked intently into Merlin’s eyes and said just one word … “Kneel”. Merlin instinctively knew what Arthur wanted. He took Arthur’s fullness deep into his mouth, savouring him, tasting him. Arthur tasted so good, his hardness felt like velvet in his mouth. Arthur’s breathing became laboured. Merlin put his hands on Arthur’s buttocks, drawing him deeper into his mouth. Arthur held Merlin’s head in place. Arthur began to move his hips, thrusting himself into Merlin’s beautiful mouth. Arthur’s gaze had not left Merlin since Merlin had taken him into his mouth. Watching Merlin pleasuring him intensified everything. Arthur had experienced this very act with many women but never, ever like this. How could such passion, such bliss exist between two men? Surely this was reserved for a man and a woman. Yet Merlin’s mouth promised a life of love and endless passion. If they were ever caught, the consequences would be severe. Arthur could not think clearly, he just gave himself over to the web of pleasure that Merlin was weaving around him. Consequences be damned, he just needed, craved Merlin.

Merlin lifted his gaze to Arthur but Arthur was lost, lost in a world where there was only pleasure, only love. His eyes were open but they were not in focus. Arthur had gone deep into himself. Merlin smiled and continued his ministrations on Arthur’s manhood. Arthur thrust more deeply, his movements quick and urgent. Merlin felt the muscles on Arthur’s behind begin to contract and he knew that Arthur could not last much longer. He didn’t want this to end, he was enjoying tasting Arthur too much. Arthur put his head back and climaxed into Merlin’s mouth.

Arthur kissed every inch of Merlin’s skin. The paleness of Merlin’s skin in the moonlight looked magical. With infinite tenderness, Arthur cupped Merlin’s manhood into his hand, gently stroking, teasing Merlin to full erection. Merlin was gasping, his breath coming out faster, his eyes glazed and intensely blue. Arthur stroked Merlin harder, more urgently. Merlin climaxed. Arthur kissed him, taking advantage of Merlin’s open mouth. So this is how he tasted. His taste spurred him on, hardening him so that he could thrust himself deep into Merlin and give Merlin the pleasure they both craved. Giving pleasure and receiving pleasure. Pleasure… love… forever. As Arthur and Merlin climaxed together, Arthur promised Merlin he would love him forever.

Story by Manz Balen

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