A Different Merlin Crack – Bits and Pieces From All Over

Ok, let’s slice up the video and explain a few things:

  1. Originally, the Ambiguously Gay Duo song was written about Batman and Robin for a short animated SNL series. But once I heard it, I’ve realized how perfectly it describes the bond between Merlin and Arthur. I just had to use it.
  2. Next, I was watching Simpsons. Somehow there was this scene where Homer said the same exact thing Gaius once did. Ding-dong! What if I make Gaius a bit retarded and change his voice to Homer’s? So… I went for it. Now, I think Homer’s voice fits Gaius’ facial expressions a bit too well. Even I get confused.
  3. Then there’s Morgana and her witchy talent to see the future. How about she sees herself as Lena Luthor in the future? She could finally tell Kara that she loves her, right? And then Supergirl saves the day and they live happily ever after. Yeah, that sounds about right.
  4. I’ve had an idea about a short story where Merlin takes a form of Dragoon the Great and pretends to be a Santa Claus (it was right before Christmas, so it made sense back then) and gives funny presents to everyone in the castle. I didn’t have time and enough motivation to do it, so I just put this short bit here instead. Merlin as Dragoon as Santa (I hope you follow…) riding on Arthur’s back and getting aroused… yeah, I might have gone too far with this one.
  5. I don’t think I need to explain using Britney Spears – Clumsy in this. I love how there’s a sexual subtext in the song, showing how clumsy people who have a crush on each other can be. It just screams Merthur!

While doing this, I’ve also realized how fun would it be to permanently change Merlin’s golden magical eye glow into a rainbow-colored glow. Some scenes (like removing Arthur’s pants) would make way more sense…


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