Mr. Arouse

I couldn’t care less about fashion, perfumes or any other fancy/hip shit but Burberry bought me with the first 3 sec. of this ad. Thanks to incredibly sexy Josh Whitehouse, of course, it’s one of the best softcore porn videos for women with good taste in men. I didn’t like the cuts or music in it though, so here’s my re-edit of the commercial.

To Be Continued

I’ve read comments on the original video saying that some people loved the story in the ad. What story? Did I miss something? It’s just a hot guy with a hot girl being… hot and naked. I like it though. There’s no story told or needed. What I need is a part 2. Ideas:

  1. Josh Whitehouse undressing. In slo-mo.
  2. Josh Whitehouse undressing a hot girl. In slo-mo.
  3. Josh Whitehouse dancing by himself and practicing his sexy look before a date. In slo-mo.
  4. Josh Whitehouse in the shower. In front of a mirror. In slo-mo.
  5. Josh Whitehouse masturb… alright, maybe, that’s a bit too much. But it would look great in slo-mo.

Model and Actor

There are some good and beautiful stories with Josh Whitehouse. He’s been in quite a few movies and Modern Life is Rubbish must be my favorite. Read more about it and watch my fan-made trailer here.

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