The Episode that Inspired the Fan-Fic

This is how the original story goes in Legend of the Seeker: Kahlan and Cara are trapped in an ancient tomb. They can’t get out by themselves, so their only hope is Richard, coming to save them in time. There’s little air left and Kahlan asks Cara to kill her in order to save some of it and win time. Cara might be able to revive Kahlan with a breath of life later, but it’s not certain. There’s a time limit to how long the breath of life works on a dead body…

The Breath of Life

It’s the last breath a Mord-Sith’s victim takes before he/she dies at her hands. It is traditional for her to put her mouth over his/hers and receive it, as a sign of their bond. All Mord-Sith are taught how to return the breath of life to their victim, in a procedure that is a rough equivalent to modern-day mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. []

Cara’s Dark Paradise – The Visual Fan-Fic

Cara kills Kahlan in order to save time and air while they both are being held captives inside an ancient tomb. Once they are saved, the mord-sith is unable to revive the confessor with a breath of life. Pain, loss, guilt, and deeper romantic feelings towards the confessor resurface and Cara even starts hallucinating while standing in front of Kahlan’s grave.

Each and every Mord Sith is supposed to be completely in control of her emotions, but Cara isn’t. One of her ex-lovers and a mord-sith, Dahlia, notices that Cara is affected in this unacceptable way and decides to step in to help her. That means brutal physical torture and training mixed with short moments of care and pleasure. In other words – forcing a Stokholm syndrome upon Cara to make her forget Kahlan… But will it work?

TV Series: Legend of the Seeker
Bridget Regan as Kahlan Amnell
Tabrett Bethell as Cara Mason
Laura Brent as Dahlia

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