The Confessor Getting It on with a Mord-Sith?

During Coronavirus global home arrest 2020, this spring, Bridget Regan (aka Kahlan Amnell) and Tabrett Bethell (aka Cara Mason) made a live appearance on Instagram talking to each other from two separate ends of the world: USA and Australia.

They spoke of their daily lives and answered some of the Seeker fans’ questions. Bridget told Tabrett that she thought that if Legend of the Seeker would’ve had a third season, Kahlan and Cara would’ve definitely got it on. Tabrett responded: – Hell yeah!

The recorded Instagram Live with Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell:

The Alternate Ending – Kahlan and Cara’s Kiss

Legend of the Seeker fans got to see a glimpse of how it might have been between the confessor and the mord-sith. The outtakes of an alternate ending, where Kahlan is kissed by Cara instead of Richard were released soon after the show was canceled.

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