Introducing the Madonna & the Whore

On the one hand, we have Kahlan, the Mother Confessor. A magical/mystical woman with the powers of extracting the truth out of anyone, or enslaving them through a single touch… In many aspects, she is the spiritual, virginal and pristine representation of traditional femininity. Yet beneath the surface of her goodness lures darkness, a power that threatens to tear down her self-discipline and create a dark, but the powerful queen of a tyrant…

On the other hand, we have Cara, a former Mord’Sith currently working as the Seeker’s protector. She comes from a leather-clad sisterhood specializing in homoeroticism and pain… She is portrayed as the carnal woman who lacks inhibitors when it comes to both sexuality and the infliction of pain and death. The blonde femme fatale who will lure you to her bed and strangle you with her thighs after having spent numerous hours giving you an extensive BDSM lesson with her magical dildo Agiel. Yet there is a caring nature to her, loyalty and goodness slowly peaking through and gradually growing.

They are part of two sisterhoods that are mortal and historical enemies… but if we disregard the problematic aspects of the show and simply watch it from a queer perspective it becomes extremely entertaining. []

Alternate Universe: Kahlan and Cara fan fiction stories.

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