Legend of the Seeker. S01E13. One of the hottest scenes on TV ever.

Richard Cypher: – Love isn’t something to fear, Kahlan.

Kahlan Amnell: – For me it is.

Richard and Kahlan are trapped in an ancient crypt and possessed by the spirit of the previous Seeker and his Confessor (who have also fallen in love with each other). Craig Horner, the actor playing Richard Cypher, enjoyed that episode. He confessed, he had teased the writers about being possessed before the episode was scheduled. [xenite.org]


It’s not THAT erotic, it’s not about naked bodies or rough action, uncalculated passion or control. It’s about amazing chemistry between the characters/actors, pure desire and forbidden lust they indulge themselves in. Constant eye contact, deep breaths and the excitement of reaching that “finally” moment. So romantic and yet so intimidating…

Music: Juliana Karlo – Franklyn (Emilia). Can be found on Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music, Deezer, Saavn etc.

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