Nosebleeds and Chemistry

Jack and Diane is an undeveloped movie that got lost in time and genre. It’s a basic lesbian teenage drama that doesn’t know where it’s going. Lots of ridiculous “werewolfy” psycho-inputs ruin all the fun and seem like random cuts from Teen Wolf that didn’t make it into the TV series because they were too gross for the viewers. In the end, it’s a romance movie that tries to present itself as something else but fails entirely and blows the whole experience.

Animated inserts featuring pulsing sacs and oozing slime are as pointless as a distasteful pornography subplot. There’s a dreamy lesbian love story in here somewhere; you just have to rummage through a lot of ridiculous twaddles to reach it. []

Yes. Watching Jack and Diane made me feel angry and disappointed. It had a decent beginning, the chemistry between the characters and a promise of something intriguing, but once it changed into a horror film I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. That’s why I did what I did – I cut all the crap out and left only that dreamy and the most intimate part of the story.


And one more reason for making this video:

Actress and model Danielle Riley Keough (plays Jack) is the eldest grandchild of legendary singer Elvis Presley and actress Priscilla Presley. [] Riley has a really strong on-screen presence and her performance as a genderless character in the movie was spot-on.

Jack and Diane
Jack and Diane

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