The Roommate of my Wet Nightmares…

My dreams aren’t always nice, but if they included someone like Leighton Meester, I’d be happy with any nightmare I get to dream and remember. Including The Roommate (2011).

To see Leighton Meester as a crazy lesbian character after Gossip Girl seemed like a bonus I didn’t expect. Her acting and persona are way too big for this shitty remake though. Leighton Meester is definitely the single white female of her time that didn’t get the recognition she deserved.

Worth Watching

There are a few movies with Leighton that are definitely worth watching:

Life Partners (2014) – a comedy, where the actress plays a very convincing lesbian character who is losing her straight friend’s attention to a guy. Funny how that guy, Adam Brody, ends up becoming Leighton’s husband that same year.

The Oranges (2011) – a comedy focusing on the love relationship between an older man and a college student Nina (Leighton Meester). The cast makes this movie fun and entertaining to watch. Hugh Laurie, former Dr. House, plays new Nina’s love interest.

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