Kristen Stewart and Joan Jett – Some Legends are Bisexual

Or is it the other way round – maybe they became legends because they’re bisexual? Two women – an actress and a rock star – so similar, yet so different. Not just their sexual orientation or certain talents they’ve been able to sell, but the pull they exert on their fans and people around them. It must be the first time after Twilight that Kristen Stewart wasn’t laughed at for her statuesque acting skills and it could be due to the fact that she didn’t have to act that much to get “into the role”. Just like she doesn’t have to do much to be followed by a crowd of naive and confused teenage girls.

It’s All By-Sex

I say it’s who they are and how they talk, act, look, move… not what they do and how well they do it. It’s the sex appeal and sex sells. It’s either you have it – or you don’t.

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