What’s in Bella’s head?

Extremely hot and unachievable vampire Edward Cullen (act. Robert Pattinson) can read people’s minds, but can’t hear Bella’s thoughts. What if he could?

In this video, I’m just translating the infamous Twilight stares. Mostly Bella’s (act. Kristen Stewart) hungry seductive glares at Edward that seemed so obsessive, open and simply begging for an indecent interpretation. At least that’s the way I saw them…

Here are some of Bella’s quotes from Breaking Dawn, before and after sex with Edward:

– I never got over the shock of how perfect his body was – white, cool, and polished as marble.

– I wanted the complete experience before I traded in my warm, breakable, pheromone-riddled body.

Bella tries to seduce Edward:

– I started slow with innocent ivory satins, worried that revealing more of my skin would be the opposite of helpful, but ready to try anything.

Bella about sex with Edward:

– I just was trying to explain that, for a human, well, I can’t imagine that life gets any better than that.

– It wasn’t desire at all – it was need, acute to the point of pain.

– I like this part of being human. I don’t want to give it up yet. I don’t want to wait through years of being blood-crazed newborn for some part of this to come back to me.

After Bella’s turned into a vampire:

– I thought I wouldn’t feel this way for a long time… But I still want you.


Was it enough to prove my point? Bella’s more of a horny sex addict than a frail innocent teenage girl

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