Movies: Alpha, Beta, and Omega


I can’t say that this site gives any impartial or official information about a certain movie or a TV show, but I can say that it definitely doesn’t. I’m very selective and I don’t have the patience to write or make a video about something I’m not interested in. For me, every movie is still in its Beta version and only once I interpret it, the film solidifies into a personal experience. Or a fan fiction, if you like.

Don’t get angry if I ignore some core things about the movie but go on and on about B-Z list actors and characters or movie scenes that almost happened. My Alpha might be your Omega, so proceed with caution.

Summary and Trivia

Posters, DVDs and some actual info that deals with questions like – What’s the storyline? What happens in it? Should you be scared, sad, cheerful or prepare yourself to fall in love? Where did the idea come from? Is it based on a book, dream, comics, hallucination? How imaginative and good is it? How much violence and nudity is there? Should you watch it with your little sister, parents, loved one or a gang of friends and some beer? It’s a brief introduction that might help you answer some of these questions. It also might not.


If I made a trailer, tribute or a preview for this movie – it’ll be included in my post about it. Inevitably so. Sorry if it sucks – I tend to focus on certain characters, moods, and events. It’ll be more sexual, dramatic or funny than the actual movie is. And I might change the ending. Or the beginning. Or just make up random stuff. You’ll never know until you watch the movie.


Is the movie well-written? Is it serious and heavy or easy and fun to watch? Will it surprise you? What’s new and different about this film? What’s the best thing about it and what other similar movies it painfully resembles? Basically: What the critics say and does it really matter?

Characters and Actors

Short bios, interesting and relevant facts, pictures, links, and videos. This is the space reserved for my obsessions, be careful not to fall in. Or fall asleep.


Since you’re here, I’d like to know…

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