The 90’s Guilty Pleasure

No matter what you’ll say or how you’ll call her – fake, stupid, too old or just a slut, – I’ll still like her. Probably, I’ll like her even more. Not because she wasn’t afraid to pose for Playboy, not because she was one of the first whose XXX tape was stolen and went viral, not because she loves animals and works hard for Peta, not because she’s a mother, a model, an actress, a writer, a producer and animal rights activist. I don’t like her just because of it or because of her looks, it has nothing to do with what Pamela Anderson is to me. The fact is – whatever she made or participated in was a guilty pleasure and couldn’t help myself but love it.

It didn’t even matter what it was – legendary TV series Baywatch or her own V.I.P. (I still love the intro song from the TV series that she herself produced), kinky Barbwire or a Playboy cover (if I’m not mistaken, she’s still the record holder of the Playboy covers she was on), very personal and really hot sex tape with her husband Tomy Lee or a poster for Peta where she’s posing naked. Whatever Pamela did, her goal was to entertain people and whenever she showed up onscreen or in public Pam achieved it by filling the spot with lethal sexiness, beauty, humor, and sweetness.

Pam owns her reputation

There’s nothing deep, nothing serious, nothing hidden. Literally. And that’s what I love about her. Even her scandals. Did she ever hurt someone, drove drunk, lashed out on paparazzi and journalists, was mean on TV, mistreated her children, got angry about people criticizing her appearance and acting? No. Pamela smiles and tries to be nice no matter what. She suffered from domestic violence and isn’t afraid or ashamed to talk about it, she uses her fame to help animals and planet, she is one of the first women to stand against body shaming and dissing sexual lives of women. Pam has always been loud and proud about how much she loves sex and to be naked and that is just the example that it’s really hard to find today.

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