For the Love of Michael Jackson – Think of the Children!

The world’s belief in Michael Jackson is (or was) that of a biblical proportion. And there’s no exaggeration. I mean it literally. Christianity has a Bible, Vatican, and a pope. But Michael Jackson had many biographies, documentaries, albums, lawyers, publicists, servants, and his own private estate.

I can easily imagine two fanatics having a discussion about Christianity and Michael Jackson. Which one, Jesus or MJ, is more important and sacred:

– Jesus was able to walk on water.
– Cool. But it isn’t as impressive as MJ’s moon-walk.
– Jesus was so great that he took his own mother’s virginity.
– Michael was a better miracle worker – he changed his own race.
– But Jesus was so gifted. He could make a party out of nothing – even changed water into wine.
– MJ was big on gifts as well. But Michael changed people’s lives, not just water.
– Better than life – Jesus is waiting for us in Heaven. It’s a peaceful, amazing and final destination for all of Christian God believers!
– Oh, but it isn’t as fun as Neverland! The sacred destination for some of MJ’s fans and favorites.
– Jesus had a big following and his own favorites, too. The young men, so-called apostles, adored him. They’d even wash each others’ feet.
– Michael’s followers slept in the same bed and stayed with him for weeks, months and sometimes years. They didn’t need to wash anything for each other – there was a shower and a jacuzzi.
– Jesus was big on forgiveness and recruiting underprivileged, vulnerable people. Remember him defending a prostitute, his future disciple: “he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”?
– She must have been popular among the crowd to get away with this. I wouldn’t throw a stone at a woman I’ve had sex with if some dude (Jesus was still irrelevant at the time) suddenly reminded me of it. Now imagine that same dude said that in front of MJ, while the idol was being accused of child abuse – it would be hard to tell who cast a stone first. Children aren’t as “popular” as women and the crowd was bigger. Jesus had more regular preferences, it seems. MJ is special – he takes recruiting the vulnerable to the next level.


So, who’s the winner? God’s Messenger or the King of Pop? Who’s the most influential, talented and gifted? Who’s got the most followers and the best branding? Who’s the biggest martyr in human history based on a pure belief of his blind followers? Still questionable, I’d say. Time and silenced people hold the answer to that.

The Go(o)d Predator

If a predator is a messenger of God it doesn’t mean shit. If a predator is a celebrity it doesn’t redeem him in any way. This aura of goodness and generosity these people are capable of building around them doesn’t imply their innocence. Their spiritual and social work is just that – it doesn’t mean they’re able to control their instincts in private life as they do with their public acts and words. Good and bad are mental constructs and abstractions, not the reality. When Nietzche said that God was dead this is what he meant by it. The morality itself promoted by the Church was and still is flawed. How else so many predators managed to flourish under a wing of Christianity? Everything has its shadow, even the Good.


Little Boy Michael – a Black Sheep or a Wolf?

Over and over again you can hear that same excuse: Michael Jackson missed out on childhood. He was working and performing all the time, he didn’t have the chance to be a child and do things that kids normally do. MJ is like a kid himself. He wouldn’t harm another kid. Michael LOVES children.

Before you judge me,
Try hard to love me,
Look within your heart then ask,
Have you seen my Childhood? – Michael Jackson, “Childhood” lyrics

Ok. I honestly believe that. He talks like a kid, he really didn’t have a proper childhood, when he’s alone or around kids – MJ even acts like one. It does look like a fixation – certain mental disorder that seems harmless and funny on the outside. But is it?

I was a kid. We all were. And I definitely experimented sexually with other kids – it’s what kids do when left alone. No parent wants to think about it, but it happens. Once you look back – it’s not that innocent, not how you’d imagine your kids playing, but (under normal circumstances) it’s not unnatural or traumatizing. Kids are curious human beings. They are inexperienced and impressionable – they trust other people around them because it’s their job to learn how to survive in this world. Children take an example from the adults, but they rarely want to play with grown-ups in the same way they play with other kids. Like monkeys, kids want to mimic but it doesn’t mean they want to participate. At least not until puberty…

It’s simple – would I want to experiment sexually with a grown up at a young age – no. Even if he’s super famous, acts like a kid and wants to experiment with me – still no. Can I be persuaded as a kid to do inappropriate things with this adult? Yes. How could that person persuade me? By doing exactly what MJ did. He’s not a stranger who offers you candy. Michael Jackson is a mega-star who invites you to Neverland. He is a friend who can do no wrong.  All kids are narcissistic attention seekers and Michael knows that – he makes you feel special and exceptional. He becomes your new BFF.


Welcome to Neverland


How did the modern Peter Pan – Michael Jackson, chose his lost boys? It required careful planning, clear and neat strategy and a lot of work.

Take me to Neverland

First – his obvious preferences. Young extra cute mostly white boys. A bookcase choice really. More so for the priests and the predators alike, but whatever. I was comparing Michael to Jesus anyway.

Second – availability to stay unchecked alone with a kid. Fame and a high profile did all that – parents were ecstatic about their underage kid staying alone in a bed with a grown-up man with undiagnosed and untreated mental issues.

Third – using his sexual affliction as an excuse. A stroke of genius really. He’s still a kid, who would hurt themselves?

Fourth – charity and public expression of love and care for the victims. The closer you are – the more you know. Children’s hospitals, kids shows and such is a free buffet for predators. And you’re certain that you leave some untouched and immensely grateful for all the good work you did.

Fifth – the sweetest candy you can get to lure victims into your lair. Neverland – I can’t think of a better idea. The most elaborate private scheme. An ultimate toy and a wheel of seduction. Every kids’ dream.

Neverland in fiction is the land inhabited by Peter Pan in the lost boys, where children never grow up. Reed said Jackson cultivated this “Peter Pan” image of a boy who never grew up as he hid his sexual lust for children. []

Peter Pan growing old

There’s a whole selection and grooming process before the kid ends up in Neverland. Besides all five factors, there’s one more that is the most important – being THE idol. For the kids as well as the PARENTS. Most of the “little ones” were aspiring dancers, actors, and other talented and gifted boys – a fresh material MJ could mold into anyone he wanted them to be. And into anyone, their parents hoped them to become.

As a role model, Michael was invincible. For the kids, he’s a dream friend and a mentor, for the parents – a guarantee that their kid might be famous and successful someday. Guess what – MJ brings the parents back to childhood, they are being narcissistic again – they hope to achieve their dreams through him and their kids. Ambitions take over and overshadow common sense.

It’s like getting a call from some famous agency promising you a contract and a huge check if you send them your private information. Most of us know how this ends – you’re left with an empty bank account and feeling like an idiot because you let your ambitions cloud your judgment. In Neverland’s case – Michael already knows your dreams, knows how and what to offer and has a reputation of doing so. And – he’s Michael Jackson – THE idol. Your kid just won a life lottery.

Macaulay Culkin and Michael



Michael dedicates a lot of time and effort to pick his favorites. Just like any other predator, he does the scouting first. Macaulay Culkin describes how MJ randomly shows up at the movie sets and even calls him eventually. There’s nothing awkward and wrong about it, of course. I mean, I was infatuated with Macaulay up until I became a teenager. He had the most amazing lips and the brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. At least that’s what I thought back then. I’m a bit ashamed now of how many times I’ve dreamed of kissing him… I bet that Michael did too.


I strongly believe that Macaulay is the last piece of the Neverland puzzle. He’s THE ONE and ONLY that the public would believe. He was (and is) loved just as much or even more than Michael Jackson. I’d hate to see him fall, but he needs to slip. Just like he already did on his podcast:


[20 March 2019] During a comedy gig in Los Angeles, Macaulay brought up the allegations during a chat with comedian/singer Weird Al Yankovic. According to The Sun, Macaulay was recording his Bunny Ears Podcast Live show and asked his guest about his own relationship with Jackson.


– I’m going to ask you a very serious question, – an onlooker reports Macaulay said to Al.  – What was your relationship like with Michael Jackson?
The pair reportedly burst out laughing, before Yankovic replied:
– Um, mostly platonic. I met him two or three times, he was pretty sweet to me.
– Sounds amazing, he sounds really cool, yeah, – Macaulay replied, before adding, – I will say he was a huge, huge fan of yours. Yes, he always had your videos kind of playing constantly.


What really rings a bell for me is that a 15-year-old Culkin sued his parents to remove them as legal guardians in control of his $17 million fortune and even before that he basically ended his extremely successful movie carrier. It correlates with Macaulay’s close friendship with Michael and the growing influence of the musician on the kid, who’s eventually left with NO PARENTS to guard him.

Later on, Macaulay becomes Michaels’ kids’ godfather – from then on he’s connected to MJ’s family as if it was his own. This is a perfect example of a predator completely isolating and controlling their victim. If you come out about the abuse – you hurt your one and only family. Michaels’ children are basically yours now.

Imagine the unimaginable


The sexual encounter with MJ as a kid.


Leaving Neverland Meme Michael Jackson
Finding Neverland (2004).

Let’s imagine I’m already in Neverland. As a 7-year-old blond white boy with BIIIIIG blue eyes. Never alone with MJ at first, of course. But as he works on making me feel special, loved, cared for and blessed with his seemingly undivided attention, he works on my parents and relatives as well.

The trick is to keep it all balanced and in check. You don’t want parents feeling like they’re being paid off for their own kid or that they’re being disconnected from him. So, you have to make the kid want to stay with you alone. Your company has to be the most alluring – the child has to beg and cry for your attention. He also has to blame the parents if they aren’t letting the kid stay alone with you.

You have to guide him to where you want him. So, your bedroom has to seem like the most fun place on earth. And that’s how it was with MJ. He would show his bedroom to the kids almost right away. With all the games and fun things to do. He could’ve had a separate room next door with just a bed to sleep in and kept one room as a playroom. But no – the bed had to be there. Why? It automatically created a connection between games and any activities on a bed. Unconsciously and without any extra efforts.


In bed with Michael


Michael Jacksons' Neverland Ranch
Neverland Ranch

I’ve seen all of the Neverland, my parents are staying nearby, and now I’m alone with Michael playing Sonic or whatever I want to. Why whatever I want to? Because he has everything I will ever want and can be interested in. The best things simply HAVE to be in his room, so I will really want to get there. If they aren’t, he will ask someone to get them there. The tactics are simple but effective: before we both enter his bedroom MJ will find out everything about me – what I like and what I want the most. He’ll make sure to get these things to the same place where Michael could abuse me later. Associating abuse with pleasure confuses people. Especially kids who have no idea what abuse is. I won’t be able to see how wrong some of the games are even if I feel like it’s not something I want to do.


So. We play, talk, do stupid things kids usually do and finally, I get permission to stay overnight. I’m simply overjoyed – it’s a sleepover with my best friend. Who happens to be Michael Jackson. How lucky am I? We sing Michael songs together. I’m bad, I’m bad, I’m really really bad. This is so cool. I feel like that group of cool kids following MJ everywhere. It’s like a secret group, small cult I am a part of right now. He understands me in spite of his age. We’re on the SAME LEVEL. Equals. Just like any other friend – if we’d steal some apples, I’d never let my parents know. MJ protects me and I protect him. We’re a gang of two. My abilities seem unlimited – I am with my King, my leader. His words are more important than anything else – he’s Michael and he’s my best friend. I love him and he loves me.


Michael’s Songs for the Pretty Young Things


Michael is a kid just like me, but he’s a superstar. How awesome is that? MJ sings me BAD before we go to bed:


Your butt is mine
Gonna tell you right
Just show your face
In broad daylight
I’m telling you
On how I feel
Gonna hurt your mind
Don’t shoot to kill
Come on, – Michael Jakson, Bad lyrics


When he says we should prove our love and loyalty to one another I feel overjoyed. It’s like becoming blood brothers or doing any other ritual kids do to express their love and devotion to one another. The sexual nature of it doesn’t really cross my mind at the time. It’s a small sacrifice we both do, it’s that cool bad thing we do together. I even enjoy it, because he’s the first to touch me. It’s pleasant physically and I get an adrenaline rush. We’re doing something forbidden, something kids shouldn’t be doing. This is thrilling. It’s a thriller night.


I want to love you
Pretty young thing
You need some lovin’
Tender lovin’ care
And I’ll take you there
I want to love you
Pretty young thing
You need some lovin’
Tender lovin’ care
And I’ll take you there, – Michael Jackson, P.Y.T. lyrics


After the act, I feel ashamed and a bit disgusted. But the last thing I want to do – is to tell anyone about the things WE did with Michael. I’ve promised to keep OUR secret for the rest of my life and I will because I love Michael and I have to protect him. People won’t understand our special connection and how much we do for each other. We are BOTH responsible. It’s bad, but it’s OURS.

The Little Marionettes Leaving Neverland

It’s so easy to manipulate kids and set up this obedient mindset. Even other kids know how to do this. It’s like cutting the tail of a cat. You don’t like doing it, but you pretend that you do because it’s your best friend who wants to do it. You can even laugh with him and throw rocks at the poor animal finally running away from the sadist. You won’t feel any joy, only relief once it’s done. But knowing that you belong and share something special is more important.


Having sex as a kid with a grown man must feel very similar. Even if he doesn’t hurt you: you are being hurt. You simply don’t realize it at the time, because the predator doesn’t do it directly TO you, but WITH you. And that isn’t classified as abuse per se.


To confuse you completely the predator shows his unconditional love and devotion, he shares everything with you and gains your complete trust. MJ keeps looking after you, propels your carrier, works on your family. How could you betray him for something you both did? For something, that Michael literally paid you for and veiled it from others displaying altruistic generosity and caring?


Michael Jackson Neverland Meme


After a few years, even if you finally understand what has happened to you or hear some other boy coming out –  you feel like it’s too late. You ARE guilty now. You sold your soul and there’s nothing you can do. You never said no, never complained and took all the stuff and love he gave you with a fucking smile on your face. It’s a terrible situation you have to live with once you realize you were a child prostitute who was fucked and then paid off.


You can’t believe it,
You can’t conceive it and you can’t touch me,
‘Cause I’m untouchable and I know you hate it,
And you can’t take it
You’ll never break me,
‘Cause I’m unbreakable, – Michael Jackson, “Unbreakable” lyrics (2001)


Your self-value drops below the ground that you walk on – you’re a sex slave, liar and didn’t deserve anything you own and have. And Michael is still The God, The Invincible in the eyes of your family and the public. You’d rather still believe that he truly loves you, despite the fact that you’re a teenager now and he doesn’t want to play with you anymore…


Just promise me, whatever we say
Whatever we do to each other
For now we take a vow to just
Keep it in the closet, – Michael Jackson “In the Closet” lyrics


A Smooth Criminal


Michael Jackson is a smooth criminal – no blood stains on a carpet, no physical evidence, everyone’s ok and they can SAY that they’re ok. The kids can be questioned over a dozen times – they’re prepped for that. Are you ok? So, are you ok? They are. He never struck or hurt them. Abuse just doesn’t ring a bell and whatever they did in private – it’s a secret they both have to keep. It’s THEIR secret. If a kid blabs – he loses and betrays his best friend, he’ll feel forever ashamed.

As soon as the kid starts with small lies, they get bigger and bigger, like a tumbling wooden tower above his head – the child is forced to stick to the story until it’s all over or everything will fall down on him. The child trusts Michael unconditionally – he knows – if he doesn’t say a word, it’ll all go away. And it did. NOT GUILTY. Period.

Michael Jackson sings of physical harm and violence for a simple reason – that’s not how you do things. That’s how you get caught, make mistakes and don’t get to be fully satisfied.

MJ seduces – it’s an intellectual activity for him, not an expression of raw instincts. The King of Pop is not a brute. Taking something by force doesn’t mean you actually have it. It means you’re incapable of getting what you want, it’s a sign of frustration and desperation, not power.

Michael is not an animal and he cares about his kids “deeply”. He does love them after all and wants to be loved back. That is the true power. The power that gives you money, support, love, and trust. The sexual gratification is just a cherry on top.

Michael Jackson – The Man in The Mirror


Michael Jackson is like a kid himself, remember? Everybody used to say and think that. But what did he actually think of himself? A child or a man? What’s in his mind and what’s in the mirror?


You can’t close your, your mind!
(Then you close your, mind!)
That man, that man, that man, that man
With the man in the mirror
(Man in the mirror, oh yeah!)
That man, that man, that man,
I’m asking him to change his ways
(Better change!)
You know, that man
No message could have been any clearer, – Michael Jackson, “The Man in The Mirror” lyrics


Michael Jackson did realize he was a grown-up man. His image in the mirror was his enemy. MJ saw a man – no message could have been any clearer. A MAN. Michael knew he was doing something wrong, he wanted and had to change his ways. And he did change – not his personality, to match his looks, but his appearance to match his inner self.

His voice went softer and softer, his nose grew smaller and smaller, his skin looked bleached like a white piece of paper. Yes, he changed over time. To resemble white “little ones” he was hanging with all the time. It was all about THEM. And for Michael, it was all about US. He just couldn’t stop loving them.


So pray for all the lost children
Let’s pray for all the lost children
Just think of all the lost children, wishing them well, – Michael Jackson, “The Lost Children” lyrics (2001)
the simpsons think of the children
The Simpsons: Lovejoy – Think of the Children!
This song could’ve been written by Helen Lovejoy, a character from The Simpsons, who repeats the same MJ’s rhetoric for no apparent reason throughout the show: – Think of the Children!


The only problem is – it’s not a random rant. It’s meant to deflect the public from the issue at hand. In this case – indecent MJ’s thoughts about children. Michael definitely thinks of the children. A LOT. You should be ashamed of yourself! You don’t think about the children!


Eyes Wide Shut


Oh, how well Michael songs speak for him. I just love the lyrics to MJ’s song Do You Know Where Your Children Are? that wasn’t released until 2014, long after the King of Pop had died. The irony of the title itself is just unbelievable. Makes me want to answer as Michael probably would – they should be in Neverland! Especially if they’re dying from cancer. It must’ve been easy for Michael to connect with sick kids: they are the most vulnerable and the ones that won’t live long to tell the story. And he’ll definitely look like a hero by helping the less fortunate. It’s a perfect cover-up. Just give him already all the children that are neglected by fortune and their parents!


Whether the multiple abuse stories are real or not, the fact is – MJ showed all of the signs of the typical predator, made all of their moves step-by-step and it would’ve been overlooked no matter what because he worked on his public image and hid in plain sight. It doesn’t even matter if it’s real or not. I don’t really care, because it’s not the point of this rant coming from this alternate universe I’ve created. The problem is, that even with all these obvious abnormalities the man revealed to the public – nobody WANTED to acknowledge the danger. Eyes Wide Shut.



Looking at the celebrity and admiring their achievements, but shutting eyes before the threatening sings and even alleged criminal behavior in private – it’s a choice people have been making since the beginning of time. It’s based on fanatism and emotions, not facts or logic. Same voluntary public blindness that allowed hundreds of priests to toy with little boys for decades (or since the beginning of religious celibacy) completely unchecked. It’s a flaw in the system and in human psychology. It’s not just a hole that predators get inside and hide in. It’s a beam of light they reflect as mirrors to guide your glance away from them and to the sacred, pure things you wish to see. For the followers, that person embodies beauty and goodness and by defending him, they believe that they’re defending the ideas that person simply projects.


The Acceptance and The Idea


I’d like to mention Plato and his allegory of the cave. He lived in a time of constant teen abuse after all. And he spoke against it, praising Socrates for not taking the sexual advantage of his pupils. A rare case in Ancient Greece, because it was a norm for a mentor to have some fun with his pupil. Plato tells us about the Ideas and the secret realm they’re at. Ideas of Beauty and Goodness. People, he says, are mere projections of the Ideas. They are far from perfect and can’t be considered as such – this is a grave mistake. People have to learn to look beyond appearances and see real Beauty and Goodness as immaterial Ideas. Until they do so – they are the prisoners in a dark cave and see only shadows that they think are real. They’re mistaken and can’t see the Truth. If one of the prisoners is freed and shown the real things that cast these shadows – he can’t accept it. It goes against his beliefs.


The freed prisoner would turn away and run back to what he is accustomed to (that is, the shadows of the carried objects). He writes “… it would hurt his eyes, and he would escape by turning away to the things which he was able to look at, and these he would believe to be clearer than what was being shown to him.”[3] Plato continues: “Suppose… that someone should drag him… by force, up the rough ascent, the steep way up, and never stop until he could drag him out into the light of the sun.”[3] The prisoner would be angry and in pain, and this would only worsen when the radiant light of the sun overwhelms his eyes and blinds him.


It’s hard to accept the Truth, to see the shadows as signs, to dare to step into the unknown. Just like any religious doctrine, the public persona of Michael Jackson enforced your values and guided you spiritually. At the same time, he was blinding you. But just like a Pope can be deposed, king – guillotined, businessman – sued, Michael Jackson can be disgraced and defamed.  We should be able to condemn the biggest celebrities based on the evidence we can all see or hear and there must be a system to do this.



There must be that someone who will drag you out of that cave and show the real world we live in. You might hate the abuser and yourself for the ignorance at first, but someday you’ll say thank you. The information has to be provided. For the public, for the victims, and for the abusers. Laud and clear. Even it makes everyone uncomfortable.


Surviving R. Kelly

Impressive, but definitely not the best example of the final judgment day for the celebrity – #muteRKelly and #survivingRKelly campaigns. Victims’ tears in a documentary series and the performers’ outrage in an interview with Gayle King.

It worked – people started listening and hearing. Or sharing memes at least. But there was no actual system, no rules. It was purely EMOTIONAL. Based on that same flaw we should be trying to get rid of. Same flaw that clouds our judgment on the matters of power-play, manipulation, and abuse. Let’s break it down:

  1. CBS. They show you only 7 minutes out of 80 minutes long exclusive interview.
  2. YouTube. His truthfulness is interpreted by body language specialists without the context or surroundings.
  3. News Channels. The comments about R. Kelly come from journalists who know the facts only superficially and are financially motivated, sometimes even forced by the producers to make the biggest scandal they can.
  4. A Lifetime documentary – Surviving R. Kelly. A lot of crying by the victims, constant repetition of the same sentences while some dramatic music is playing in the background to “set” your mood.
  5. Victims coming forward. It’s not a coincidence that they start coming out once R. Kelly is not as popular, young or influential as he used to be. His security decreased with his fame.
  6. The facts. They have been laying in the open and pilling up for over two decades but went almost unnoticed every time something new came out.
R. Kelly's emotional breakdown during an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning.
R. Kelly’s emotional breakdown during an interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning.
So, what is the problem with all of this – he’ll be convicted after all. He’ll pay for what he’d done, right? Why does it matter how do we do this as long as we get to the truth? Well, it does matter. Time matters. Reaction matters. It’s not just about the black girls’ lives. It’s about their growing number, about how many years the abuser was able to hurt and humiliate them. It’s about the simple fact – in the end, he did GET AWAY with it. He had the love and admiration of the people and freedom to do whatever he wanted for the longest and the best part of his life. He simply doesn’t have enough life left in him to pay for all the misery he’s caused.


Just think about it – wouldn’t you do the same crimes if you could turn back time? If you were R. Kelly you probably would. Knowing you’re untouchable? Feeling like a God and being treated like one? Having whatever you want with whomever you want and whenever you want? You wouldn’t mind going to prison for it once you’re over fifty if it was your fantasy life you were able to fulfill and enjoy for decades. And can you imagine how many fans you’d meet in prison? They haven’t had the chance to hear much of the new music – you’re still their God!


– Yo Nigga! Yo ma’ Man! A tru Gangsta! Just like us here. Daaaamn… We all believed we could fly! Come here, share yo story with a bro!

Even if he’s not greeted as a hero – this still doesn’t sound fair. Even if he has to play the toilet for the rest of his life – it still isn’t fair. He’s not an impressionable 14-teen-year-old girl in front of a big strong influential older man. He’s a 50-year-old man in prison. Equal to the other inmates. Or at least he’s supposed to be…


Ignorance Is No Excuse

Beauty and Goodness are human constructs – positive stereotypes if you like. Very dangerous stereotypes. If it’s unjust to think less of women, minors, the LGBT community, and certain races, it’s even worse to overestimate someone’s goodness based on their public image. How many more examples do we need to finally get it?

Every story that comes out into the light is more and more sickening. Nobody wants to think of that and it feels like all that #metoo movement is forcing us to, but this is how the Truth comes out. And there’s beauty in its ugliness. Retribution, support, and understanding. As long as it doesn’t go overboard with emotionality and develops into an actual system to keep influential and powerful people in check. I call for a Neo-French Revolution!


The Heads Will Roll


Ignorance is no excuse. Anyone who defends Michael based on predatory techniques he mastered – is just as guilty for any wrongdoing that those kids could have experienced. Enabling the abuser is a criminal act. Michael had all the money and freedom in the world to do as he pleased with the kids. No one should be allowed that. Especially a mentally confused man who might have developed a God complex. The more famous and rich the person is – the easier it becomes to slip and give into fame. People like MJ should be carefully monitored, not worshipped.


I’ve Spent A Lifetime
Looking For Someone
Don’t Try To Understand Me
Just Simply Do The Things I Say, – Michael Jackson, “Give In To Me” lyrics


You think you’re by yourself, but it’s my touch you felt
I’m not a ghost from Hell, but I’ve got a spell on you
Your worst nightmare, it’s me, I’m everywhere
In one blink I’ll disappear, and then I’ll come back to haunt you
I’m telling you, when you lie under a tomb
I’m the one watching you
That’s why you got to be threatened by me, – Michael Jackson, “Threatened” lyrics (2001)


I need my privacy, I need my privacy
So paparazzi, get away from me. – Michael Jackson, “Privacy” lyrics


Michael Jackson promoting control, intimidation, and threats in his songs. When you become this powerful – your privacy must end. You DO belong to people and must be held accountable for any attempt to isolate and (willingly or not) endanger others. A person with such power is bigger than any ordinary individual but less than the public.

The Conspiracy of Leaving Neverland

We’ve all heard it way too many times: either it’s about the money or about the truth. Here I’m wondering what are the specifics: not just why, but how this documentary actually came to life:


Option A – these men who knew Michael so well managed to imagine the unimaginable and tell “their story” to capitalize on a dead man.
Option B – these men finally came to realize what had happened to them once they thought about their own kids or went to therapy.
Option C – these men were offered to participate in this documentary to change the biggest focal point in #metoo movement (namely Harvey Weinstein case).
Option D – these men are telling someone else’s story who was actually abused by Michael, but can’t speak because of the settlement.
Option E – one or both of these men were abused, but not by Michael Jackson.


[Total_Soft_Poll id=”16″]



I believe there are numerous other theories about the documentary and many details in this story that were deliberately changed or left unspoken, but these are the most plausible causes I could come up with or find online. I don’t judge anyone except the public opinion that someone who seems so perfect as a public figure is as perfect in their personal life. If this really happened to these kids, the society and law enforcement enabled it and it’s not just one persons’ fault.

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