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Xena quotes

The Funniest Xena Quotes

Xena’s Punchlines   – What is the truth, Xena? Xena: – It’s that life is a joke (…) And you know what the punch line is? The punch line is, that no matter what we do, we still end up as food for the worms. Xena wasn’t the most talkative hero we know, but if […]

Melanie Martinez and Timothy Heller

Felony Martinez

Melanie vs Timothy This could’ve been a great lesbian erotic story. If it wasn’t a rape, that is… I must confess – I read it with such an interest! I like Martinez, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan, I know nothing about that Heller girl, so I can’t say shit to fact-proof her claims and […]

Parallels | AHS: Coven | Kyle and Zoe Like Romeo and Juliet

Kyle Spencer – the Zombie Romeo As I was watching the first episode of American Horror Story: Coven, I couldn’t stop seeing Kyle as Romeo and I couldn’t shake the thought of Evan Peters stepping into the shoes of Leonardo DiCaprio. Am I wrong or is this really happening..? Evan Peter’s Love Life Coming into […]

Legend of the Seeker | The Tragedy – Kahlan and Richard

Slow-e-motional Once I saw Perdition, I knew it’ll make a great video. It was so emotional, dramatic, devasting and yet – a real visual treat with a happy ending (for Richard and Kahlan at least). I love movies and TV series episodes about dreams, hallucinations, fake, alternate or parallel realities and this episode was a […]

The first time I saw penis. Book cover

Funny Book Covers

What were they thinking? Actual books or not, these are the most ridiculous book covers I could find. Some of them are children’s books and although kids might not see it, double meanings of their illustrations are very obvious to the adults. What were the authors thinking? It definitely draws the attention and in some cases […]

Legend of the Seeker | Richard Confessed by Kahlan – Alternate Ending

What if? In Denna’s (S01E08) episode of Legend of the Seeker Richard is taken by a Mord Sith and being tortured to lose his will. It all seems lost and he asks Kahlan, who is locked in a dark cell next to him to confess Richard. In the actual episode, she refuses and they manage to fight […]

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena | Gannicus

Before Spartacus: Gannicus Imagine how much better history class would be if the Starz cable network rewrote all major historical events. Wild-eyed groupies would’ve lined Revolutionary War battlefields, cheering and pulling their breasts out. The headshot that killed President Abraham Lincoln would’ve been a donkey punch delivered by an overly enthusiastic transgender dominatrix. And on that monumental day in July 1969, Neil […]

Legend of the Seeker | Screw You – Women with Superpowers: Confessor, Mord Sith, Sorceress

Badass Women of Legend of the Seeker Three exceptional women with unbelievable magical powers and lethal combat skills fighting for their goals. I wouldn’t want to cross either of them… Sister Nicci – My strength is mine and mine alone. In Legend of the Seeker as a Sister of the Light and Dark, Nicci is […]

Legend of the Seeker | Overkill – Cara and Kahlan

Introducing the Madonna & the Whore On the one hand, we have Kahlan, the Mother Confessor. A magical/mystical woman with the powers of extracting the truth out of anyone, or enslaving them through a single touch… In many aspects, she is the spiritual, virginal and pristine representation of traditional femininity. Yet beneath the surface of […]

Legend of the Seeker | Happy Ending – Richard and Kahlan

The Most Romantic Scenes in Legend of the Seeker   Kahlan: – Can you imagine what it would be like to be ordinary people? Richard: – You mean the kind that sleep in beds in houses? Craig Horner (playing Richard Cypher) about a love scene in the woods. “Oh yeah,” he said, almost chuckling. “It […]