Lucy Lawless as Lucretia: always a man’s equal or better

Batiatus’s equal in cunning, Lucretia sees every angle and wields power with a steel grip cased inside a kid glove. She is sexually voracious, taking the gladiator Crixus for a lover, but longs for a child she is so far unable to bear. Lucretia thinks Spartacus is an uncontrollable beast that has cost too much and fears he will bring misfortune upon Ludus. []

Lucretia: more than a kinky milf

Lucy Lawless has created a character with surprising depth, but I just love how sexistly IMDb described her:

Lucretia is the evil bisexual widow of gladiator school owner Quintus Batiatus and lover of Crixus, the former champion of Capua.

Spartacus Vengeance Lucretia
Lucy Lawless as Lucretia in Spartacus: Vengeance


In “The 10 hottest women from Spartacus” Lucy Lawless ranks Nr. 8 and is “praised” as a kinky milf as if she works in the porn industry. Not the real essence of her sex appeal, but true nevertheless:

Like dinner when it’s in the oven, Lucy Lawless has gotten hotter over time. Back in the late ’90s, she both aroused and intimidated us as the star of Xena: Warrior Princess, though, honestly, her Greek powerhouse teetered a little too far into butch territory to completely enter our fantasies. On both seasons of Spartacus, however, Lawless is a force of sexual nature, flashing her mondo breasts often and rubbing bodies with guys and dolls… With a gang of hot slave girls at her disposal, Lucretia always gives males viewers what they want, instead of making us feel physically inferior a la Xena. []

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