Xena: when facial expressions become legendary

Xena: Warrior Princess was a fun, sincere series about a feared and deadly warrior who realizes the error of her ways and strives to make amends by protecting the helpless. Even if the show has been off the air since 2001, it’s remained a vital part of 90’s nostalgia and has even found a second life on the internet. [www.thethings.com]

I collected some of the best and funniest Xena: Warrior Princess memes online. Here they are:

Xena Meme I am not a delicate flower Xena Meme Dildo Xena Meme Shopping Xena Meme Fuck Xena Meme Heart Xena Meme Killing time

Try Angry Xena Meme Generator – it’s a lot of fun. Feel free to share your meme if you come up with something good.

Xena Meme Mexican Xena Meme Monday

Xena’s voice and war cry deserve a video meme of its own:


More memorable memes:

Xena Meme Wonder Woman
For more memes, pictures and funny tweets about the Wonder Woman’s new costume here. Even Lucy Lawless herself commented on it.

Xena Meme obviousXena Meme HomeworkXena punch Xena Meme

Xena MemeXena Meme John Xena

Xena fabulousXena Meme Fuck with

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