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GAY MERLIN | Come Lancelot

A love triangle or a threesome? Here comes Lancelot… Well… Once Lancelot shows up in Camelot, the gay subtext gets even more obvious on Merlin. I had to play a bit with the characters. I just couldn’t help it. It was way too fun and easy. Maybe it’s an adult TV show after all? I’m […]

Katie McGrath and Gemma Chan | On a Lesbian First Date

Unrequited Love and Katie McGrath It’s nothing new that this fair-skinned black-haired Irish beauty makes women go crazy. It started with Merlin and her role as Morgana. Morgana’s close connection with Gwen was cut short and turned upside down in a matter of moments by ignorant producers in the later seasons. Fans are still angry […]

Josh Whitehouse – Mr. Burberry

Mr. Arouse I couldn’t care less about fashion, perfumes or any other fancy/hip shit but Burberry bought me with the first 3 sec. of this ad. Thanks to incredibly sexy Josh Whitehouse, of course, it’s one of the best softcore porn videos for women with good taste in men. I didn’t like the cuts or music […]

Colin Morgan and Bradley James | Sorry Who

Colin and Bradley – Young but Already Predestined   In this short fan-fic Ben (Bradley James aka Prince Arthur) is an arrogant empty-headed brat causing turmoil inside of the plane. Jethro (Colin Morgan aka Merlin) is a misunderstood unsatisfied teenager forced to travel with his parents. Ben is missing some deeper meaning in his life […]

Blue Lagoon | Falling in Love

And the mermaid is back! I can’t imagine Indiana Evans (one of the mermaids from the cult teen/kids show H2O: Just Add Water) anywhere else, but on a beach with as little clothes as possible. I’m not being vulgar – she just looks so beautiful and cute. With a tail, or without it. And since […]

The L Word: Shane and Her Love Affairs

Shane – The Live Embodiment of Sexual Prowess Katherine Moennig’s character from The L Word proudly and rightfully wears a mantle of the Lesbian Goddess of Attraction and Promiscuity. Shane McCutcheon probably had sex with more women than there are episodes in the whole series (I think I’ll make a countdown video – I believe, […]

Merlin CRACK: Shortcuts to Merthur

Why is Arthur constantly hitting Merlin? Well… That’s how the Prince is hitting ON his servant. Did anyone notice HOW Arthur teased Merlin? Or HOW Merlin would prolong the tease? Basically, they were toying around until Arthur had to touch Merlin (even if it’s a stick or a flying object that he threw at his […]

AHS: Cult | Kai Anderson – Your Vow

Kai Anderson – The Narcissist In Love – I need your vow, – Kai. This time my sexual frustration comes with and through Evan Peters as Kai Anderson in American Horror Story: Cult. I’ve strayed far from the original story of the character, so don’t worry – no spoilers here! Your Vow isn’t about Kai – it’s […]

Salem | Anne Hale – Love Spell

Her Love Spell is a Death Curse It is one of the most heartbreaking and powerful moments when a witch sacrifices something dear and close to her so she could obtain something she wants even more. Magic always has a price and conjuring any kind of love requires killing an existing one. Preferably… unconditional, unsuspecting and […]

Reign | Silent Movie – Truth or Dare

Reign as an Adult Silent Movie of Early XX Century The royalty is bored and their games are just as unscrupulous and self-indulgent as hard and complicated are their blue-blooded lives and duties. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress, right? The main characters of Reign are playing their own version of “truth […]